Calculating Average Profit Margin

March 14, 2024

The average profit margin is a key metric for KDP sellers. It indicates the percentage of sales revenue from orders retained as profit after accounting for royalty rates and Amazon fees. This includes sales from paperback, hardcover, and ebook orders. This metric is crucial for accurately assessing the profitability of advertising campaigns.

Manual Calculation of Average Profit Margin

To manually determine your average profit margin, use the following formula:

Average Profit Margin = (Total Royalties / Total Sales Revenue) * 100


  • Total Royalties: The royalties from your order sales within a specific period.
  • Total Sales Revenue: The corresponding total revenue from book sales in the same period.

Calculate this figure by dividing your total royalties by your total sales revenue and then multiplying by 100 to convert it to a percentage.

Merch Jar Profit Margin and Ad Impact Calculator

Simplified Profit Margin and Ad Impact Calculator

Merch Jar offers a convenient Google Sheets-based calculator to help you easily calculate your average profit margin:

  1. Access the Calculator: Navigate to our Ad Impact Calculators page and access the Simplified Profit Margin and Ad Impact Calculator.
  2. Download the Sheets File: Download as .xlsx format (File > Download > Microsoft Excel). You can upload to your own Google Drive or use Excel.
  3. Enter Your Data: Paste your combined sales data from your KDP royalty report into the calculator.
  4. Obtain Your Average Profit Margin: The calculator will automatically process your data and provide you with your average profit margin percentage.

Inputting Average Profit Margin in Merch Jar

Once you have calculated your average profit margin, input this crucial metric into Merch Jar to optimize your Blended Metrics:

  1. Log in to your Merch Jar account.
  2. Go to Ad Account Settings.
  3. Enter your calculated average profit margin in the designated field.

By entering your average profit margin into Merch Jar, you enable the platform to calculate Blended Metrics accurately, ensuring your advertising campaigns are evaluated correctly.

Adjust your Average Profit Margin in your Ad Account Settings.

Importance of Accurate Profit Margin Calculation

An accurate average profit margin allows KDP sellers to make informed decisions on ad spend and pricing strategies. It helps in understanding the true return on investment from advertising efforts, paving the way for more effective campaign management and budget allocation.

With the correct average profit margin figures entered into Merch Jar, sellers can leverage Blended Metrics to their full potential, gaining insight into the true profitability of their advertising endeavors.

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