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Recipes are Merch Jar's flagship feature, giving you automations you have only dreamed of in an Amazon Advertising tool. You can create your own powerful and complex automations to manage your entire advertising catalog. Recipes can perform routine maintenance operations, such as pausing a campaign, increasing bids, or lowering budgets, based on the conditions and frequency you set.
Precise Targeting
Rich, customizable triggers
Setup your automations to trigger exactly how you want them to. They can be as simple as:
over the last 30 days acos > 50%
Or as complex as you need them to be.
(over the last 30 days acos > 50% and spend > $10 and campaign name does not contain "lottery")
(over the lifetime sales < $100)
Maybe you want to increase your bids when
over the last 60 days acos < 20%
Or pause a campaign when
over the lifetime spend > $20 and sales = $0
Or perhaps you may want to increase the bid on keywords not getting any impressions, but only up to a max bid.
over the last 14 days impressions = 0 and bid < $0.75
Whatever your needs, you can unlock your advertising potential with Merch Jar's recipes.

The next generation Amazon Advertising tool

Precision automations to automate your ads - on your terms and your schedule.
Ad Groups
Coming soon!
Search Terms
Coming soon!
Coming soon!
Automate your ad items...
Automate your Amazon Advertising with an every-growing list of Recipe supported targets.
With the actions you want...
Control your ads with the actions you want.
Increase or decrease bid by an amount (ie $0.05)
Increase or decrease bid by a percentage (ie 10%)
Set bid (ie $0.20)
Increase or decrease daily budget by an amount (ie $50.00)
Increase or decrease daily budget by a percentage (ie 10%)
Set daily budget (ie $200)
Set state to running, paused, or archived
Negate search termComing soon!
Adjust placement percentageComing soon!
After every data sync (4x per day)
Once per day
On certain daysComing soon!
At a certain timeComing soon!
At the frequencies you need
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