Ad Impact Calculator

Use our free Ad Impact tool to calculate your ad impact from series read through and extended page reads for one or more series in your catalog.

Using the Tool

Use your KDP reports to enter the total orders and pages read for each book in a series. Do the same for the ad attributed orders and page reads using the same date range from you Amazon ad console.

If you’re using Amazon Attribution, use the optional External Orders field to exclude Amazon orders and page reads from other platforms.

Using this data, your series conversion rates will be calculated automatically.

Estimate your extended page reads using the 14-Day Read Through (%), entering the estimated percent of page reads that occur within the 14-day attribution window. To exclude this from the calculation, use a value of 100%.

Use the Avg. Profit Margin to adjust the Order Impact Multiplier to account for your expected royalties from order sales. To exclude this from the calculation, use a value of 100%

Using the Multipliers

Use the multipliers on your orders, sales, KENP reads, and estimated royalties figures in your Amazon ad console to get truer picture of your advertising impact.

If you’re using your average profit margin in the calculation, you can use these multipliers to calculate your blended acos.

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