Calculating Ad Impact Multipliers

March 14, 2024

Merch Jar's Impact Calculator tools enable KDP sellers to ascertain the broader effects of their advertising efforts by calculating Ad Impact Multipliers. These multipliers refine raw sales and KENP read data to accurately reflect the true impact of your ads, encompassing both immediate and long-term benefits.

Overview of Calculators

We offer two distinct calculator tools tailored to the varying needs of KDP sellers:

  1. Simplified Profit Margin and Ad Impact Calculator: This tool is designed to quickly estimate the indirect impact of advertising on sales and page reads using data from KDP royalty reports.
  2. Series Read-Through Calculator: This calculator provides an in-depth analysis by taking into account the continuation rate of readers through a series and other extended benefits influenced by advertising efforts.

Both calculators are accessible through Merch Jar's Impact Calculator page, which provides comprehensive instructions for each tool.

Simplified Profit Margin and Ad Impact Calculator

This user-friendly calculator enables KDP sellers to estimate the indirect impact of their ads by comparing overall sales and page reads against those directly attributed to ads. It utilizes data from KDP royalty reports for accurate calculations.

Steps for the Simplified Calculator:

  1. Download KDP Royalty Report: Download your royalty reports from your KDP Dashboard. A time frame of 6-12 months will provide adequate data.
  2. Enter Data: Copy and paste your Summary and Combined Sales sheets into the indicated tabs of the calculator.
  3. Results: Based on the inputted data, the calculator will provide you with your average profit margin, the Order Impact Multiplier, and the KENP Impact Multiplier.

Series Read-Through Calculator

For those who require detailed analysis, the Series Read-Through Calculator factors in additional data, such as the progression rate of readers through a series and subsequent catalog interactions initiated by advertising, and the estimated percentage of page reads that happen during the 14-day attribution window.

Process for the Series Read-Through Calculator:

  1. Download KDP Royalty Report.
  2. Input Series Data: Input orders and page reads for each.
  3. Estimate your extended page reads: Enter the estimated percent of page reads that occur within the 14-day attribution window in the “14-Day Read Through (%)” field.
  4. Results: Based on the series conversion rates and extended page reads, the calculator will provide you with the Order Impact Multiplier, as well as the KENP Impact Multiplier.

Implementing Your Multipliers

Once calculated, input your multipliers in Merch Jar to refine your Blended Metrics:

  1. Log into your Merch Jar account.
  2. Visit your Ad Account Settings.
  3. Enter your calculated Order Impact Multiplier and KENP Impact Multiplier.

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