5 Best Amazon Advertising PPC AI Tools in 2023

Anna Steeves
July 2, 2023

Using ad software is like quickly sorting through a large pile of coins to find the shiny silver dollars while discarding the duds. Amazon advertising PPC AI tools AI-powered let you instantly and accurately identify the most valuable search terms and keywords to maximize your ad campaigns.

In the article below, Merch Jar walks you through the top 5 Amazon advertising PPC AI apps to help you rock your ad campaign goals. Let’s jump in!

What Is Amazon Advertising PPC AI?

Amazon advertising PPC AI is an application that leverages artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to automate, manage, and optimize your Amazon ad campaigns. 

Advertising and PPC (pay-per-click) software is a must-have resource for Amazon sellers since it streamlines day-to-day tasks, such as:

  • Managing ads
  • Keyword research
  • Adjusting bids
  • Offering ad insights
  • Scheduling

Ultimately, Amazon PPC software must help you maximize profits by growing your sales while reducing the cost per click (advertising costs).

Why Are Amazon Advertising PPC AI Tools Important?

Staying ahead in the competition: Amazon advertising PPC AI tools help you stand out from a sea of competition and dominate your niche. They give you actionable insights and recommendations in real time to up your game in advertising on Amazon.

Optimized campaign: By harnessing AI-powered PPC software, you can identify high-converting keywords within seconds to optimize your ad campaigns. Also, you can automatically pause poor-performing search terms and keywords.

Improved decision-making: Instead of relying on your hunches and opinions to make advertising decisions, use PPC software. It offers you instant data and key metrics to enable you to evaluate and tweak your Amazon advertising methods.

Best Amazon Advertising PPC AI Tools

Looking for the best Amazon advertising PPC AI tool? We've got you covered. Below is an in-depth review of the 5 top Amazon advertising software programs that can take your Amazon business to another level. Let’s get started!

  • Merch Jar: Best for Advertising on Autopilot through Smart Bids
  • Zon.Tools: Best for All-in-one Amazon PPC Platform
  • PPC Entourage: Best for Analytics and Key Performance Metrics
  • Helium 10: Best for Developing a Sales Strategy and Analytics
  • DataHawk: Best for eCommerce Actionable Insights

#1 Merch Jar

Want to jumpstart your Amazon ad campaigns and grow your sales? Merch Jar is one of the top Amazon advertising PPC AI tools that makes advertising on Amazon a breeze. It allows you to manage and automate your advertising campaigns, so you can focus on expanding your Amazon business.


Advertising on autopilot: Stay ahead of the game by using theRecipes tool to automate your keywords and target bids, improve your ad spend efficiency, and automatically stop poor-performing ads.

Automated bid management: Say goodbye to manual spreadsheet bidding and Amazon's Bulk Sheets. Instead, use Smart Bids to increase keyword bids when ACoS is low automatically, reduce target bids when ACoS is high, raise keyword bids when impressions are low, and pause your ads when they’re unprofitable.

Supported marketplaces: Use the software in all API-accessible advertising countries.


Get started with Merch Jar and enjoy unlimited access to the tool’s entire suite of features. Pay as little as $50 per month and cash in on $2,000 in monthly ad spend. 

Pros & Cons


  • User-friendly tool
  • Simplifies Amazon PPC advertising
  • Gives users total control of ad campaigns
  • Makes Amazon ads profitable
  • 30-day free trial


  • Relatively new software

#2 Zon.Tools

Zon.Tools is an all-in-one Amazon PPC platform that lets Amazon sellers and Merch by Amazon automate campaigns and grow sales through its proprietary AI technology. The software automatically and continuously optimizes PPC ad campaigns, freeing up more time for your business. 


  • Bidding Engine: Let the app automatically adjust your target bids to improve your sales while optimizing your ad spend.
  • Explorer Engine: Organically expand your reach by allowing the tool to explore high-converting keywords, search terms, and ASINs (Amazon Standard Identification Number)
  • Optimization Engine: Monitor campaign performance to increase ad spend on high-converting keywords and search terms.


ZonTools offers three pricing packages: Analyzer ($9), Masterer (19), and Dominator ($25). These are monthly subscriptions, with each providing a 30-day $1 trial. 

Pros and Cons


  • Phrase Match Engine is available
  • User-friendly dashboard
  • $1 trial for the first 30 days


  • Strictly a PPC tool

#3 PPC Entourage

PPC Entourage is Amazon advertising and PPC software that enables users to automate and expand their ads without the need for spreadsheets. With its features, you can control the bid price, remove search terms that increase ad costs, and improve your ROI.


  • Bulk Engine: Optimize several campaigns and ad groups without uploading files or spreadsheets. Efficiently manage bids, search terms, budgets, and placements to improve PPC.
  • Smart Pilot: Use an automation template across multiple ad campaigns within seconds.
  • Key Performance Metrics: Make quicker and better decisions by analyzing ad metrics, like clicks, ACoS, and more.


The software’s pricing depends on how much you want to spend on advertising, which is 2.9% of your budget. For ad spend:

  • $400 per month makes you pay $11.60 a month
  • $3.100 per month makes you pay $89.90 a month

Pros and Cons


  • Simple to use and shows results
  • Analyzes data visually
  • Saves users time and money


  • Ad management needs improvement

#4 Helium 10

Helium 10 is a platform that offers a suite of tools for Amazon FBA and Walmart sellers to research keywords, manage and sell products, optimize listings, and automate Amazon PPC campaigns. You can use its features to build a sales strategy and keep tabs on your performance.


  • Product Research: Use data to evaluate product viability and increase your sales opportunities.
  • Insights Dashboard: Analyze key metrics from a centralized dashboard to quickly grasp business performance. Get AI-generated recommendations to tweak your online business strategy.
  • Keyword Strategy: Find the most effective keywords to optimize your listings and Amazon advertisements.


You can get started with Helium 10 by choosing from the following pricing plans:

  • Starter $39 a month
  • Platinum $99 a month
  • Diamond $279 a month

Pros and Cons


  • It has multiple useful tools for an Amazon seller
  • Easy and quick to use
  • Tutorial videos explain the app’s features clearly


  • Ticket management needs improvement
  • Chrome extension has a few tech glitches

#5. DataHawk

DataHawk is an e-commerce analytics platform that provides data to brand managers to help them scale their online businesses. It offers actionable insights and recommendations to enable users to improve their product sales and profitability.


  • Data Analytics and Seller Tools: Track product, ads, market, and financial analytics to optimize listings and improve organic search.
  • Connections and integrations: Automate your e-commerce data sync from Amazon to any Business Intelligence tool.
  • Amazon AI Advisor: Receive automated suggestions to enhance ad campaigns and organic search optimization.


The tool’s pricing plans are available upon request for a demo.

Pros and Cons


  • Clear and visually understandable keyword tracker
  • Actionable and organized data
  • Easy-to-read reports


  • Keyword tags need improvement
  • Premium pricing plans

It’s Time To Conquer Your Amazon Advertising PPC Campaigns

Amazon advertising PPC AI tools are an integral part of your marketing strategy. They automate keyword research and bids to optimize your ad campaigns and improve sales. Their nifty features help you streamline day-to-day tasks, like Amazon ad management, to enhance your ROI. 

Need to conquer your Amazon advertising PPC campaigns? Try Merch Jar, advertising PPC AI software. Our tool offers you a range of features and functions, such as automated bidding, keyword optimization, and detailed reporting. 

Also, Merch Jar is integrated with Amazon's API, allowing you to quickly and easily access data and insights from your campaign. Don’t take our word for it! Start a free 30-day trial today!