We Tested 20 of the Top Amazon Advertising Tools and Amazon PPC Software

February 13, 2024
  • Overview: We review 20 of the best Amazon advertising tools and Amazon PPC software on the market to help you find the perfect solution.
  • Why Listen To Us: We’ve helped thousands of Amazon sellers take control of their advertising campaigns and increase their sales.
  • Why This Matters: The right Amazon advertising tool can cut down on your workload while boosting sales and profits.
  • Action Points: Our top picks are Merch Jar, ZonTools, AdBadger, Downstream, PPC Entourage, PPC Ninja, Scale Insights, AiHello, Sellozo, Perpetua, Teikametrics, Helium 10, Stackline, Viral Launch, BidX, Intentwise, Quartile, Seller Labs, SellerApp, and AdSpert.
  • Further Research: Check out the Merch Jar blog for more insights into Amazon advertising.

Looking for the Best Amazon Advertising Tools and Software?

Many Amazon sellers have come to understand that using paid advertising can help push them ahead of their competition.

Though some will realize pretty quickly that advertising on Amazon is tough, especially if you haven’t got much marketing experience, the most astute Amazon sellers soon see that there are tools available that let them undertake comprehensive marketing campaigns without any prior experience.

So, to those of you reading that count yourselves among this cohort, today we’ll give you the lowdown on the top Amazon PPC software tools, including our very own Merch Jar, so you can go forth and reap the benefits of the best Amazon advertising tools currently available.

Why Trust Us?

At Merch Jar, we’ve helped tons of business owners and creators put Amazon advertising on autopilot with smart automations and out-of-the-box strategies. 

We know what to look for in a PPC tool and we’ve done the research to bring you the top picks. Our goal is to save you time, money, and energy by pointing you in the direction of the most effective Amazon advertising tools out there.

What is Amazon PPC Software?

Amazon PPC (Pay-Per-Click) software refers to tools that are designed to help Amazon sellers manage and optimize their advertising campaigns on the Amazon platform.

PPC advertising allows vendors to promote their products or services on Amazon and pay only when shoppers click on their ads.

Typically, Amazon PPC software solutions will include features such as keyword research, bid management, campaign optimization, ad creation, and various kinds of reporting.

These tools help vendors identify the most relevant keywords for their products, optimize their ad spend, and track the performance of their campaigns.

The top Amazon PPC tools will allow sellers to create and manage multiple advertising campaigns at a single time through automation processes powered by AI and machine learning algorithms.

Why are these tools important?

They Help Save Time & Cost

To build on that final point in the previous section, the greatest benefit bestowed by Amazon PPC tools is the sheer amount of time and costs they can save.

Only a few years ago, the task of setting up and managing just a single PPC campaign would take tens of hours out of a working week.

These days, with the right tools and automation features, you can have multiple campaigns up and running seamlessly in a fraction of the time it once took, allowing you to focus your energies elsewhere.

Better ROI

In addition to saving bags of time, Amazon PPC software will also improve the ROI from your PPC activities.

By making proper use of features like keyword research and bid management, you can ensure you only bid on the best keywords for your products, and you never pay too much for certain ad positions.

More traffic + less spend = improved ROI.

Good for Remaining Competitive

Amazon is not dissimilar to Google in that it works like a search engine, only for goods and products rather than information. And, much the same as Google, position, and prominence are key.

In order to achieve greater visibility and win new customers, they have to know a little about you, and sometimes it just isn’t enough to rely on organic search results.

As such, PPC campaigns go a long way to boosting brand recognition and brand awareness - and using the right tools can put you in places you’d never have been able to reach without them.

Criteria to Consider When Looking for Amazon PPC Software

What features am I looking for?

Amazon sellers generally require three main features in any PPC software they might consider.

Automation, Analysis, and Optimization.

Good Amazon PPC software will boast heavy automation features and robust analysis and reporting tools, and it should provide guidance on what steps you should take to optimize your PPC campaign(s) further.

Budget Management.

Any worthwhile tool for Amazon PPC needs to provide a form of budget management functionality.

Using budget management features will allow you to control your spending without it getting out of control until such time as you have refined your campaign to optimum spending levels.

Broad Marketplace Availability

Living in a digitally based, global society as we do, it would be remiss of any vendor not to consider the myriad other marketplaces outside of the US’s Amazon.com.

Amazon operates in 20 other countries besides the USA. This is an often untapped resource for many American and Western-based companies.

Ideally, then, you want a PPC tool that will allow you to enter into and capitalize on these alternate regions.

Merch Jar is an all-in-one Amazon PPC software solution and Amazon Ads partner that delivers unprecedented, bespoke automation processes through its “recipes,” allowing you full, customized control of your ad campaigns.


Best Amazon PPC Software

#1: Merch Jar

Merch Jar is full automation Amazon PPC solution. You can manage and automate multiple campaigns with just a few clicks by using their recipes, smart bids and analytics dashboard.


Recipes: Recipes are Merch Jars’ flagship feature that lets you create powerful and complex automation to manage your entire advertising catalog. **


Smart Bids: Merch Jar’s Smart Bids algorithm analyzes your advertising data and automatically makes small, daily bid changes to keep your campaigns in line with your ACoS goals.


Analytics Dashboard: Review and refine your PPC campaign input based on actionable data insights from Merch Jar’s analytics dashboard to help truly optimize your campaign automation.

Starter Automations: Get up and running quickly with our library of pre-built ad automations for different goals.


We have three plans for you to choose from—Essentials, Standard, and Premium.

Essentials ($10/month or 1.2% of ad revenue >$1,250/month) supports 1,000 active ads, Standard ($50/month or 1.0% of ad revenue >$7,500/month) supports 250,000 active ads,  and Premium ($265/month or 0.8% of ad revenue >$50,000/month) supports 2,000,000 active ads.

You can add more active ads to any plan by purchasing an add-on.

#2: ZonTools

Zon Tools is an automation and management solution for Amazon PPC that is built on proprietary, in-house AI technology.


AI-Powered: ZonTools has built 9 different engines powered by its in-house AI to power  solutions for keyword analysis, bid management, and much more.

Recommended Bids: ZonTools shows the Amazon recommended bids for your ads that will work to optimize the sales and profits of your products.

Automation Insights: Never miss out on key information again with ZonTool’s automation log, recording every single aspect of your PPC campaigns and providing you with valuable insights into performance.


Pricing for ZonTools comes with three different licenses.

Prices start at $9 p/m for the Analyzer package, which will give most people enough to get started.

The Master license is $19 p/m and opens the door to some of the AI engines not available at the Analyzer level.

Dominator is the top tier, where you basically get access to everything they offer for $25 p/m.


#3: AdBadger

AdBadger is an Amazon PPC software tool that does everything you’d expect in terms of planning and reporting.

In addition to its software, the company focuses on educating its customers to become proficient at managing PPC campaigns through paid services like Amazon PPC Coaching.


Negative Keyword Finder Tool: No more boring or cumbersome search term reports. AdBadger’s negative keyword finder identifies poor-performing keywords and prunes them automatically.


Badger™️ Bid Algorithm: Ad Badger’s Bid Algorithm analyzes the anticipated Revenue Per Click (RPC) against the CPC of every keyword in your account. Then, as conversion rates fluctuate, the Bid algorithm adjusts your bids accordingly.


Ad Manager: AdBadger Ad Manager is a suped-up version of Amazon Ads. New and Improved, it is much quicker, delivers more accurate searches, and provides key metrics reporting all in one easily accessible dashboard.



AdBadger works on a usage-based pricing model starting at $400 p/m.  

#4: Downstream

Downstream was founded by two former Amazon employees and was built specifically to meet the requirements of Amazon sellers. The tool is built with machine learning incorporated, allowing for automated campaign management that improves the longer you use it.


Always on Automation: Ad campaigns are automatically and continuously optimized by the machine learning algorithm - you set the KPIs and watch it go to work!


Channel Insights: Shelf Intelligence is a recommendation engine that lets you gain insight into the competitive landscape and see trends in search activity. It then delivers intelligent campaign adjustments based on these findings.


Custom Dashboards and Labels: highly customizable dashboards and labels to help define and group campaigns, meaning information can be sorted and accessed easily for a more streamlined process.



Pricing information for Downstream is not publicly available.

#5: PPC Entourage

PPC Entourage from Plutus Systems is an Amazon PPC tool that enables you to manage bulk campaigns in a single engine whilst benefitting from strong automation and data-driven analytics.

PPC Entourage is so confident in its solution that they offer a one-year money-back guarantee to any customer unsatisfied with the product after the first twelve months.


Search Term Optimization Automation: Using PPC Entpuorage’s Smart Pilot allows you to set up processes to eliminate poorly-performing search terms from your campaigns automatically.


Bulk Optimization & Expansion: Easily switch between ad types (Sponsored Product, Sponsored Brand, Sponsored Brand Video, and Sponsored Display) and dive into deeper metrics for all your bulk optimization requirements.


Entourage Margins: This provides you with actionable data and metrics to reduce ad spend, avoid costly fees, and dive deeper into why some campaigns aren’t performing as they should.


PPC Entourage pricing is offered on a subscription-based model in which PPC Entourage will charge 2.9% of monthly ad spend. Their primary client base has a monthly ad spend of between six and nine figures. ****

#6: PPC Ninja

PPC Ninja provides Sponsored Products ad management software for Amazon sellers in addition to a range of consultancy offerings, including PPC account audits, campaign and listing optimization strategies, and other bespoke services.


Bid Recommendations: Amazon does not allow Advertising Cost of Sale targets in their system. PPC Ninja gives you weekly suggestions for campaign adjustments based on your ACoS targets so you can maximize your profitability.

Keyword Bid Change History: Visually track your historical bid changes to fully understand how your keyword management is succeeding and identify further areas for improvement.

PPC Sales by SKU: Learn how your PPC sales perform per stock-keeping unit across all campaigns, so you can improve both your margins and identify the inventory you hold that returns the greatest value.


With PPC Ninja pricing is based on Amazon Standard Identification Numbers (ASINs).

For companies offering fewer than 100 unique ASIN products, PPC is available for $99 p/m with the Grow Ninja package.

Companies with 100-499 ASINs will need the Scale Ninja package at $299 p/m, whereas companies with between 500-2500 products will be enrolled in the Pro Ninja package for $499 p/m.


#7 Scale Insights

Scale Insights specializes in automating and managing Amazon PPC campaigns. It uses proprietary technology and AI to manage multiple Amazon PPC campaigns and offers bid segmentation options.


Dynamic Real-Time Bidding: Set rules for keyword bidding and target specific ACoS thresholds.

Scalable Campaigns: Use AI-driven automation to create and manage campaigns at scale.

Analytics and Forecasting: Gain insights into promotions, sales trends, and inventory forecasting.

Automation: Automate repetitive tasks like reporting and updates, allowing you to focus on strategy.


The pricing for Scale Insights™ is based on the number of ASINs you want to automate. For example, Scale 5 ($748/year) automates five ASINs, while Scale 100 ($6,604/year) automates 100.

There are also custom plans available for up to 2000 automated ASINs.

#8 AiHello

AiHello focuses on automating Amazon ads, aiming to streamline and optimize advertising campaigns for Amazon sellers. The platform provides advanced algorithms and automated features that increase ROI and drive more sales on Amazon.


Campaign Management: Automates and continuously tweaks bids for Amazon campaigns.

Data Analysis: Accurately analyzes data and syncs with Amazon Seller Central data for holistic insights.

Performance Optimization: Adds high-performance customer search terms and optimizes ad costs.

Real-Time Recommendations: Offers personalized suggestions to enhance campaign performance.


Contact sales for a quote.

#9 Sellozo

Sellozo is a product that also offers ad and business management features for Amazon sellers. It focuses on increasing sales, decreasing ACoS, automating campaign optimization, and boosting profits.


Bid Automation: Uses AI for automatic bid changes based on user-defined ACoS targets.

Campaign Data Studio: Offers a tool for creating keyword optimization flows and tracking keyword changes daily.

Business Analytics: Provides insights into sales performance and advertising contributions to total sales.

Product Repricing: Automated repricing tool to update prices based on set criteria and maximize Buy Box winning.


Contact sales for a quote.

#10 Perpetua

Perpetua focuses on providing growth optimization and reporting technology for e-commerce businesses. The platform uses AI to offer intelligent reporting tools, allowing sellers to effectively measure and track their advertising investments.


Advertising Campaign Management: Optimizes ads across Amazon, Instacart, Walmart, and Google.

Automated Campaign Creation and Optimization: Aligns its strategies with objectives for growth, profitability, brand defense, and awareness.

Intelligent Reporting Tools: Offers real-time insights into sales, profits, and advertising performance across all channels.

Smart Recommendations: Uses contextual bidding algorithms and precision targeting to maximize ad spend efficiency.


Perpetua offers a range of pricing plans for their services. The pricing starts at $250 per month for the Starter plan, which includes up to $5,000 in monthly ad spend and access to one retail media platform. 

The pricing goes up to custom pricing for the Enterprise plan, which is suitable for businesses spending over $200,000 in monthly ad spend and provides access to unlimited retail media platforms.

#11 Teikametrics

Teikametrics specializes in ad management for Amazon and Walmart, focusing on maximizing ROAS. It uses automated keyword actions, algorithmic bidding, and goal-based campaign optimization.


Customized Reporting: Offers customized reports to track performance metrics like sales, ACoS, and impressions.

Automated Campaign Management: Features include automated keyword bids, flagged keywords for poor performance, and ad cost thresholds.

Algorithmic Bidding: Uses machine learning to optimize bids and budget allocation for maximum ROI.

Managed Services: Includes support from a team of experts for campaign creation, auditing, and personalized management.


Teikametrics offers a range of pricing options for their Flywheel 2.0 platform. The basic plan is available for free and provides data aggregation and reporting features. 

The AI-Powered plan, which includes advertising optimization and inventory management, starts at $99 per month for ad spend up to $5,000 and goes up to $499 per month for ad spend over $10,000, with an additional 3% of monthly ad spend above $10,000.

#12 Helium 10

Helium 10 is a comprehensive suite of tools designed for Amazon sellers, offering functionalities from product research to PPC management. It provides 20 different tools that assist with various tasks, including product and keyword research, selling, and marketing.


Product Research Tools: Helps sellers identify profitable products with Black Box and X-Ray.

Keyword Research Tools: Magnet and Cerebro help sellers find high-volume, low-competition keywords.

Listing Optimization: Tools like Frankenstein and Scribbles help create compelling product listings.

Marketing Tools: Includes ad campaign optimization, analytics, predictive bid suggestions, and a drag-and-drop landing page builder, Portals.


Helium 10 offers three pricing plans. 

The Starter plan is priced at $29 per month, the Platinum plan at $79 per month, and the Diamond plan at $229 per month. These prices are based on annual billing and provide different levels of features and benefits to suit the needs of sellers at different stages of their journey.

#13 Stackline

Stackline is an all-in-one commerce platform that helps brands and retailers grow their online sales across multiple channels. It offers a comprehensive suite of tools and services, including analytics, advertising, supply chain management, and more.


Market Intelligence: Helps you understand the market and your competitors by providing real-time data on sales, pricing, and more.

Shopper Journey Management: Facilitates direct engagement with customers across various shopping channels.

Advertising: Allows you to optimize ads across various channels, such as Amazon Sponsored Products, Google Shopping Ads, Facebook Ads, and more.

Digital Shelf & Operations: Ensures optimal product visibility and operational efficiency on digital marketplaces.

Drive Campaigns and Omni Analytics: Enables intelligent campaign adjustments and maximizes profitability with unified in-store and online analytics.


Contact sales for a quote.

#14 Viral Launch

Viral Launch is a versatile tool for Amazon sellers, providing a wide range of features for market research, product discovery, and ad management. It helps identify profitable niches and products, optimize listings for improved search visibility and sales.


Product Research: Offers tools like Product Discovery and Market Intelligence for finding profitable products and niches.

Keyword Research: Provides insights into effective keywords for Amazon listings and advertising.

Competitor Intelligence: Supports in-depth analysis of competitor keywords, pricing, and performance.

Listing Builder: Offers tools for creating and analyzing product listings to improve visibility and conversion.

PPC Management: Helps sellers manage and optimize Amazon advertising campaigns for maximum ROI.


Viral Launch offers three pricing plans for their all-in-one solutions for success on Amazon.

The Essentials plan is priced at $690 per year and is designed for Amazon product research. The Pro plan, priced at $990 per year, includes additional features like competitor monitoring, SEO and listing optimization, and rank tracking. 

The Pro Plus Ads plan, priced at $1,995 per year, provides a comprehensive platform for Amazon advertising and sales optimization, including robust advertising analytics and the ability to create customized automations.

#15 BidX

BidX is a dedicated Amazon PPC tool that automates and optimizes your Amazon advertising campaigns. It offers features like bid adjustments, keyword optimization, and targeting to help you maximize your ad spend and drive sales.


PPC Automation: Automates bids adjustments and keyword optimization to improve the performance of your campaigns.

Campaign Creation: Streamlines the process of creating campaigns.

Performance Evaluation: Generates reports on campaign performance, allowing you to make better decisions about future campaigns.

Dashboard: Offers intuitive dashboards with widgets and campaign controls.


The pricing for BidX ranges from $295 to $3,500 per month. The self-service platform option starts at $295 per month, while the managed platform option is priced at $1,500 per month. 

The highest-tier option offers a fully managed service for $3,500 per month. The team will work closely with you to create and optimize campaigns, as well as provide detailed reporting and analytics.

#16 Intentwise

Intentwise Ad Optimizer is a multi-marketplace (for Amazon, Instacart, Walmart, and Criteo) ad optimization tool that offers AI-powered and rule-based bid optimization. This platform also provides data visualization and reporting tools to help users track performance.


Ad Optimization: Automates ad optimizations for greater efficiency using AI and data-driven recommendations.

Unified Campaign Reporting: Provides a single dashboard to track ad performance across multiple marketplaces.

Ad Management: Automate routine ad management tasks like groupings and ad copy updates.


Contact sales for a quote.

#17 Quartile 

Quartile is an e-commerce PPC optimization platform that uses proprietary AI tools to optimize ads on Amazon. Their analytics feature allows sellers to track their performance and make data-driven decisions, while also providing insights on competitors' strategies.


Campaign Management: Automates campaign processes and optimizes them based on set goals and priorities.

Advanced Analytics: Offers insights through data visualization, performance metrics, and trend analysis.

Real-Time Data: Provides real-time analytics and monitoring for immediate campaign adjustments.

Multi-Platform Integration: Seamlessly integrates with various advertising accounts for unified campaign management.


Contact sales for a quote.

#18 Seller Labs

Seller Labs is a comprehensive solution for online sellers looking to manage their e-commerce operations effectively. It provides a suite of tools and strategies designed to enhance online presence and boost sales.


Review Management: Helps in efficiently managing customer reviews.

Analytics Tools: Offers powerful analytics for better decision-making.

Marketing Automation: Streamlines marketing efforts with automated tools.

SEO: Offers tools to enhance product visibility in search engines.

Community and Support: Offers a community for sellers and robust customer support.


The pricing for Seller Labs PRO is based on the revenue of your Amazon business. 

The monthly plan starts at $49, while the annual plan offers savings at $39 per month. The pricing ranges from up to $50,000 annual 3P sales on Amazon to $1 million or more.

#19. SellerApp

SellerApp is a software designed to help online sellers in enhancing their sales and performance on e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Walmart, and Etsy. It offers a suite of tools to optimize listings, manage inventory, track competitors, and analyze sales data.


Listing Optimization: Helps improve product visibility and search rankings.

Keyword Research: Identifies high-performing keywords for product targeting.

Product Research: Analyzes sales data and customer reviews to identify profitable products.

Amazon PPC Management: Automates and optimizes Amazon ad campaigns.

Inventory Management: Tracks stock levels and automates the reordering process.

Sales Data Analysis: Generates deep insights from sales data.

Competitor Analysis: Tracks competitors' performance and strategies.


SellerApp offers three pricing plans for Amazon sellers: Freemium, Pro Lite, and Professional. 

The Freemium plan is free and includes features like market intelligence, limited access to the SellerApp Chrome Extension, and basic business monitoring. The Pro Lite plan costs $39 per month and provides additional features like increased product and keyword tracking, higher ad spend allowance, and lifetime data retention. 

The Professional plan, priced at $49 per month, offers even more advanced features like tracking up to 50 products, custom automation rules, and team access.

#20 AdSpert

Adspert is designed to maximize return on investment (ROI) by analyzing advertising data and optimizing bidding strategies and campaign performance in real time. 

Using machine learning, it automatically manages ad campaigns on platforms like Amazon Advertising, Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, and Yandex.Direct


Automated Optimization: Uses machine learning algorithms to automate campaign optimization.

Cross-Platform Support: Manages campaigns across Amazon Advertising, Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising, and Yandex.Direct.

Keyword Optimization: Automatically identifies high-performance keywords for campaigns.

Ad Creative Optimization: Helps improve underperforming ad creatives.


Adspert offers three pricing plans—Lite, Standard, and Enterprise. The Lite plan is priced at €99 per month and is suitable for businesses with up to €6,000 in paid sales. 

The Standard plan costs 1.75% of optimized paid sales per month and is designed for businesses with up to €90,000 in paid sales. For businesses with more than €90,000 in paid sales, Adspert’s Enterprise plan is fully customizable.


And there we have our top Amazon PPC tools. As is always the case, you should choose the tool that fits your business objectives and doesn’t break the bank. Thankfully, with this guide, you’ll be able to make an informed choice on the PPC software your company needs.

Merch Jar, with its ground-breaking automation, more than keeps pace with any alternate providers and it does so at a very reasonable price point. You can register today and learn for yourself just what Merch Jar can do for your PPC campaigns.