Top Amazon Advertising Tools And Amazon PPC Software

Anna Steeves
May 4, 2023

Many Amazon sellers have come to understand that using paid advertising can help push them ahead of their competition.

Though some will realize pretty quickly that advertising on Amazon is tough, especially if you haven’t got much marketing experience, the most astute Amazon sellers soon see that there are tools available that let them undertake comprehensive marketing campaigns without any prior experience.

So, to those of you reading that count yourselves among this cohort, today we’ll give you the lowdown on the top Amazon PPC software tools, including our very own Merch Jar, so you can go forth and reap the benefits of the best Amazon advertising tools currently available.  

What is Amazon PPC Software?

Amazon PPC (Pay-Per-Click) software refers to tools that are designed to help Amazon sellers manage and optimize their advertising campaigns on the Amazon platform.

PPC advertising allows vendors to promote their products or services on Amazon and pay only when shoppers click on their ads.

Typically, Amazon PPC software solutions will include features such as keyword research, bid management, campaign optimization, ad creation, and various kinds of reporting.

These tools help vendors identify the most relevant keywords for their products, optimize their ad spend, and track the performance of their campaigns.

The top Amazon PPC tools will allow sellers to create and manage multiple advertising campaigns at a single time through automation processes powered by AI and machine learning algorithms.

Why these tools are important?

They Help Save Time & Cost

To build on that final point in the previous section, the greatest benefit bestowed by Amazon PPC tools is the sheer amount of time and costs they can save.

Only a few years ago, the task of setting up and managing just a single PPC campaign would take tens of hours out of a working week.

These days, with the right tools and automation features, you can have multiple campaigns up and running seamlessly in a fraction of the time it once took, allowing you to focus your energies elsewhere.

Better ROI

In addition to saving bags of time, Amazon PPC software will also improve the ROI from your PPC activities.

By making proper use of features like keyword research and bid management, you can ensure you only bid on the best keywords for your products, and you never pay too much for certain ad positions.

More traffic + less spend = improved ROI.

Good for Remaining Competitive

Amazon is not dissimilar to Google in that it works like a search engine, only for goods and products rather than information. And, much the same as Google, position, and prominence are key.

In order to achieve greater visibility and win new customers, they have to know a little about you, and sometimes it just isn’t enough to rely on organic search results.

As such, PPC campaigns go a long way to boosting brand recognition and brand awareness - and using the right tools can put you in places you’d never have been able to reach without them.

Criteria to Consider When Looking for Amazon PPC Software

What features am I looking for?

Amazon sellers generally require three main features in any PPC software they might consider.

Automation, Analysis, and Optimization.

Good Amazon PPC software will boast heavy automation features and robust analysis and reporting tools, and it should provide guidance on what steps you should take to optimize your PPC campaign(s) further.

Budget Management.

Any worthwhile tool for Amazon PPC needs to provide a form of budget management functionality.

Using budget management features will allow you to control your spending without it getting out of control until such time as you have refined your campaign to optimum spending levels.

Broad Marketplace Availability

Living in a digitally based, global society as we do, it would be remiss of any vendor not to consider the myriad other marketplaces outside of the US’s

Amazon operates in 20 other countries besides the USA. This is an often untapped resource for many American and Western-based companies.

Ideally, then, you want a PPC tool that will allow you to enter into and capitalize on these alternate regions.

Merch Jar is an all-in-one Amazon PPC software solution and Amazon Ads partner that delivers unprecedented, bespoke automation processes through its “recipes,” allowing you full, customized control of your ad campaigns.


Best Amazon PPC Software

#1: Merch Jar

Merch Jar is full automation Amazon PPC solution. You can manage and automate multiple campaigns with just a few clicks by using their recipes, smart bids and analytics dashboard.


Recipes: Recipes are Merch Jars’ flagship feature that lets you create powerful and complex automation to manage your entire advertising catalog. **


Smart Bids: Merch Jar’s Smart Bids algorithm analyzes your advertising data and automatically makes small, daily bid changes to keep your campaigns in line with your ACoS goals.


Analytics Dashboard: Review and refine your PPC campaign input based on actionable data insights from Merch Jar’s analytics dashboard to help truly optimize your campaign automation.


Pricing on Merch Jar is nice and simple. Prices start at $50 p/m for users with up to $2000 monthly ad spend. For any ad spend above this level, the prices increase incrementally.


#2: ZonTools

Zon Tools is an automation and management solution for Amazon PPC that is built on proprietary, in-house AI technology.


AI-Powered: ZonTools has built 9 different engines powered by its in-house AI to power  solutions for keyword analysis, bid management, and much more.

Recommended Bids: ZonTools shows the Amazon recommended bids for your ads that will work to optimize the sales and profits of your products.

Automation Insights: Never miss out on key information again with ZonTool’s automation log, recording every single aspect of your PPC campaigns and providing you with valuable insights into performance.


Pricing for ZonTools comes with three different licenses.

Prices start at $9 p/m for the Analyzer package, which will give most people enough to get started.

The Master license is $19 p/m and opens the door to some of the AI engines not available at the Analyzer level.

Dominator is the top tier, where you basically get access to everything they offer for $25 p/m.


#3: AdBadger

AdBadger is an Amazon PPC software tool that does everything you’d expect in terms of planning and reporting.

In addition to its software, the company focuses on educating its customers to become proficient at managing PPC campaigns through paid services like Amazon PPC Coaching.


Negative Keyword Finder Tool: No more boring or cumbersome search term reports. AdBadger’s negative keyword finder identifies poor-performing keywords and prunes them automatically.


Badger™️ Bid Algorithm: Ad Badger’s Bid Algorithm analyzes the anticipated Revenue Per Click (RPC) against the CPC of every keyword in your account. Then, as conversion rates fluctuate, the Bid algorithm adjusts your bids accordingly.


Ad Manager: AdBadger Ad Manager is a suped-up version of Amazon Ads. New and Improved, it is much quicker, delivers more accurate searches, and provides key metrics reporting all in one easily accessible dashboard.



AdBadger works on a usage-based pricing model starting at $400 p/m.  

#4: Downstream

Downstream was founded by two former Amazon employees and was built specifically to meet the requirements of Amazon sellers. The tool is built with machine learning incorporated, allowing for automated campaign management that improves the longer you use it.


Always on Automation: Ad campaigns are automatically and continuously optimized by the machine learning algorithm - you set the KPIs and watch it go to work!


Channel Insights: Shelf Intelligence is a recommendation engine that lets you gain insight into the competitive landscape and see trends in search activity. It then delivers intelligent campaign adjustments based on these findings.


Custom Dashboards and Labels: highly customizable dashboards and labels to help define and group campaigns, meaning information can be sorted and accessed easily for a more streamlined process.



Pricing information for Downstream is not publicly available.

#5: PPC Entourage

PPC Entourage from Plutus Systems is an Amazon PPC tool that enables you to manage bulk campaigns in a single engine whilst benefitting from strong automation and data-driven analytics.

PPC Entourage is so confident in its solution that they offer a one-year money-back guarantee to any customer unsatisfied with the product after the first twelve months.


Search Term Optimization Automation: Using PPC Entpuorage’s Smart Pilot allows you to set up processes to eliminate poorly-performing search terms from your campaigns automatically.


Bulk Optimization & Expansion: Easily switch between ad types (Sponsored Product, Sponsored Brand, Sponsored Brand Video, and Sponsored Display) and dive into deeper metrics for all your bulk optimization requirements.


Entourage Margins: This provides you with actionable data and metrics to reduce ad spend, avoid costly fees, and dive deeper into why some campaigns aren’t performing as they should.


PPC Entourage pricing is offered on a subscription-based model in which PPC Entourage will charge 2.9% of monthly ad spend. Their primary client base has a monthly ad spend of between six and nine figures. ****

#6: PPC Ninja

PPC Ninja provides Sponsored Products ad management software for Amazon sellers in addition to a range of consultancy offerings, including PPC account audits, campaign and listing optimization strategies, and other bespoke services.


Bid Recommendations: Amazon does not allow Advertising Cost of Sale targets in their system. PPC Ninja gives you weekly suggestions for campaign adjustments based on your ACoS targets so you can maximize your profitability.

Keyword Bid Change History: Visually track your historical bid changes to fully understand how your keyword management is succeeding and identify further areas for improvement.

PPC Sales by SKU: Learn how your PPC sales perform per stock-keeping unit across all campaigns, so you can improve both your margins and identify the inventory you hold that returns the greatest value.


With PPC Ninja pricing is based on Amazon Standard Identification Numbers (ASINs).

For companies offering fewer than 100 unique ASIN products, PPC is available for $99 p/m with the Grow Ninja package.

Companies with 100-499 ASINs will need the Scale Ninja package at $299 p/m, whereas companies with between 500-2500 products will be enrolled in the Pro Ninja package for $499 p/m.



And there we have our top Amazon PPC tools. As is always the case, you should choose the tool that fits your business objectives and doesn’t break the bank. Thankfully, with this guide, you’ll be able to make an informed choice on the PPC software your company needs.

Merch Jar, with its ground-breaking automation, more than keeps pace with any alternate providers and it does so at a very reasonable price point. You can register today and learn for yourself just what Merch Jar can do for your PPC campaigns.