Our Guide to Amazon Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) - Tips, Examples & Best Practices

July 10, 2024

Helpful Summary

  • Overview: This article provides a comprehensive guide on Amazon CRO, complete with proven strategies, tips, and more. It also explains how Merch Jar features can streamline your Amazon business's conversion rate optimization process.
  • Why you can trust us: Merch Jar has a proven track record and case studies showing how our ad automation tools, like Smart Campaigns and Recipes, helped Amazon sellers boost their conversion and sales rates significantly.
  • Why this is important: Learning proper ways to boost Amazon conversion rates is key to improving your sales and profits within the platform. 
  • Action points: Familiarize yourself with and implement the Amazon conversion rate optimization strategies mentioned in this guide. Utilize tools like Merch Jar for ad management automation to boost business efficiency and profitability.

Amazon Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is an essential strategy for any business owner aiming to maximize sales on the platform. With over 9 million sellers on Amazon, implementing proven and tested conversion optimization strategies can give you a competitive edge.

This Merch Jar article will share essential tips and Amazon CRO strategies to make your product listings more appealing to your target audience.

Why Listen To Us

Merch Jar has a proven track record of helping Amazon sellers run and manage their business operations more efficiently.

With years of experience and case studies in the e-commerce industry, we have successfully provided Amazon sellers with a reliable tool to simplify their ad campaign management and boost conversion rates.

Our tool’s advanced ad automation features, like Smart Bids, have been instrumental in optimizing many Amazon sellers' marketing campaigns and making significant profits.  

What is Amazon Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)?

Amazon CRO is the process of optimizing various elements of your product listings to increase the percentage of sales.

By tweaking and improving aspects of your product listings, such as the product titles, images, and other elements, you can make your products stand out on Amazon and appeal to your customers.

More appealing products equals more sales; more sales equals more profits.

Benefits of Amazon Conversion Rate Optimization

At this point, you will probably get the gist that proper implementation of Amazon CRO is good for your business. But how does it help your Amazon business? 

Below are the top benefits of optimizing your Amazon conversion rate:

  • Enhanced Brand Reputation: Consistently optimized listings build trust and credibility, establishing your brand as a reliable and preferred choice for shoppers.
  • Higher Search Rankings: Listings with better conversion rates often rank higher in Amazon's search results, increasing visibility and attracting more potential buyers.
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction: Clear, informative, and attractive listings enhance the shopping experience, leading to happier customers and more positive reviews.
  • Better ROI on Ad Spend: Optimized listings convert better, making your advertising campaigns more profitable and improving your return on investment.
  • Increased Sales: Higher conversion rates lead to more sales without allocating additional resources to ads and marketing strategies.

How to Do Amazon Conversion Rate Optimization

Now, here are 10 of the best ways to boost the conversion rate of your product listing on Amazon.

1. Proper Keyword Research

It is no secret that when people can easily find your products/services on Amazon, you increase your chance of making a successful sale. 

Imagine having products in your inventory that people cannot find on Amazon. There would be no traffic to your products, and there would be no sales.

Using the optimal keywords on your product listing makes them easily accessible to your potential buyers.

To achieve this, thoroughly research popular and relevant keywords in your niche. Then, use those keywords on your product titles, descriptions, and images and ensure that they align with what potential buyers are searching for. 

You can search for keywords manually or use tools like Merch Jar, which have keyword management features to save time and resources.

2. Optimize Product Titles and Descriptions

Optimizing product titles and descriptions to be as informative as possible for potential buyers is a fundamental step in Amazon CRO. 

See these examples below for some of the best-selling waterproof cell phone casings on Amazon:

The sellers could simply put “Waterproof cellphone casing” on the product title, but they go the extra mile to include the cellphone model it fits and that it comes with a lanyard.

When you optimize your product titles and descriptions using relevant keywords, you set clear expectations and align your offerings with buyer intent, making your product stand out from your competitors.

3. Enhance Product Images

High-quality images play a critical role in Amazon’s CRO. Use high-resolution images showing the product from multiple angles and in various use scenarios. This helps customers visualize the product better and makes the listing more attractive. 

If you have the resources, you can even hire a professional photographer to provide detailed product images for your audience.

Additionally, using images to highlight unique features and anticipate customer objections can also significantly enhance conversion rates​.

Make sure that your images take up 85% of the image space and provide contextual usage photos per Amazon’s image standards

4. Implement Competitive Pricing Strategies

Competitive pricing is another key factor in Amazon CRO. Hence, you must research competitor pricing and adjust your prices to remain competitive. Use Amazon seller tools to automatically adjust your prices based on market trends and competitor actions. 

Furthermore, winning the Buy Box, a prime spot on Amazon where top sellers’ products are featured, significantly boosts visibility and conversions. 

Some of the best strategies for this approach include offering coupons, volume discounts, or limited-time deals to attract price-sensitive customers. These create a sense of urgency, encouraging quicker purchasing decisions and increasing conversion rates​.

5. Leverage A+ Content

A+ Content is an Amazon seller tool that lets you create visually rich product descriptions, images, and other relevant information, like charts, to help a buyer make an informed purchase.

Using this feature to highlight your item's elements or your brand’s story can provide a more immersive shopping experience, which helps build trust and confidence between you and the shoppers.

And we don’t have to tell you when potential buyers trust your brand, they are more likely to purchase your products than your competitors.

6. Use Customer Reviews and Social Proof

Positive reviews serve as social proof, enhancing trust and credibility among potential buyers visiting your store. 

Never be embarrassed to actively encourage satisfied customers to leave positive reviews and share their experiences when doing business with you. Also, highlighting customer reviews and ratings on your product pages can significantly influence potential buyers' decisions and increase your sales and conversion rates.

As a store owner, take the time to respond to customer feedback to show that you value their voice and opinion.

7. Optimize Shipping and Fulfillment

Providing excellent shipping and fulfillment services increases customer satisfaction and also boosts your product's credibility and attractiveness​.

Therefore, devise a solid plan and strategy to provide your customers with fast and reliable shipping options.

Subscribe to Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), as this feature offers sellers exclusive benefits like Prime two-day shipping.

Other great options would be to clearly display shipping costs, delivery times, and return policies on your product pages to set correct buyer expectations and reduce cart abandonment. 

8. External Advertising

As discussed earlier, getting more views on your product can help increase your conversion rates.

Utilizing Amazon PPC (pay-per-click) advertising is an excellent way to drive more traffic to your listings. Sponsored products, brands, and display ads can increase visibility and attract high-intent shoppers. 

Additionally, driving targeted traffic to your Amazon listings using ads on platforms like Facebook and Google can enhance your overall sales strategy. 

Meanwhile, creating landing pages that funnel traffic to your Amazon store can help capture a broader audience and increase conversions. 

9. Use Amazon Ads Automation Tools

Amazon Ads Automation tools like Merch Jar are very handy in streamlining the process of managing your PPC campaigns.

These tools ensure your ads remain competitive and profitable by automating bid adjustments, budget allocation, and keyword optimization.

Amazon automation tools can help you maximize ROI by focusing on high-converting keywords and optimal ad placements. They are also compelling in analyzing performance data to adjust real-time marketing strategies to increase conversion rates and drive more sales.

10. Analyze and Adjust

Lastly, regular monitoring and analysis of your business’s performance data is vital for an effective CRO. 

By knowing your current conversion rates and plotting them against your past performance, you can find patterns and insights to help you develop a better marketing strategy for your business.

With so many things to manage and track, tools like Merch Jar can provide detailed insights into various Amazon seller key metrics, ensuring that your product listings remain optimized and competitive in your chosen Amazon niche.​

Best Practices for Amazon CRO

Implement Proper SEO

Using highly relevant keywords, optimizing images, creating attractive and informative product descriptions, and using competitive pricing are some of the best ways to boost your Amazon conversion rates.

Offer Promotions and Discounts

Use Amazon's coupon and promotion features to attract price-sensitive customers. Promotions can create a sense of urgency and encourage quicker purchasing decisions​.

Use Customer Reviews

Highlight positive customer reviews to build trust and credibility. Respond to reviews to show that you value customer feedback and are committed to customer satisfaction.

Use Automation Tools

Utilizing different Amazon seller tools can save time and boost your overall efficiency when running an Amazon business. These tools are very handy for monitoring ads, inventory management, performance checking, and tracking other key metrics of your Amazon business.

How Merch Jar Can Streamline CRO on Amazon

Merch Jar offers many tools to enhance your Amazon listings and improve conversion rates. From automated keyword optimization to advanced analytics, Merch Jar simplifies maintaining high-performing product listings. Here’s how Merch Jar can help:


Merch Jar’s Recipes feature allows sellers to create automated workflows for managing their Amazon listings. These workflows can automate repetitive tasks such as updating product information, adjusting prices, or optimizing keywords. 

Sellers can ensure that their listings are consistently optimized without manual intervention by setting up Recipes, saving time, and reducing errors. This automation helps maintain high-quality listings that attract and convert more customers.

Bulk Action

The Bulk Action feature in Merch Jar enables sellers to change multiple listings simultaneously. This is particularly useful for large catalogs where updating each listing would be time-consuming. 

With Bulk Action, you can quickly apply price adjustments, keyword updates, or content modifications across your entire product range. This ensures that all your listings remain competitive and up-to-date, enhancing their attractiveness to potential buyers and improving conversion rates.

Smart Campaigns

Smart Campaigns is one of Merch Jar's most exciting features for raising sales and lowering your product’s ACoS. 

 Smart Campaigns automates the keyword graduation process to find highly contested keywords and search terms in your niche while eliminating underperforming ones.

Keyword Optimization

Merch Jar continuously monitors keyword performance and integrates high-converting keywords into your product listings. This adjustment ensures that your listings stay relevant to current search trends, increasing their visibility in Amazon’s search results. 

Using persuasive keywords can attract more targeted traffic to your listings, leading to higher conversion rates.


Boosting your Amazon CRO is essential for maximizing your sales potential on the platform. You can significantly improve your conversion rates by following and implementing the proven optimization strategies we have shared in this article. 

Tools like Merch Jar can further streamline and enhance your optimization efforts, ensuring sustained growth and success on Amazon.

Take the first step to Amazon CRO today by taking advantage of Merch Jar’s 14-day free trial!