Understanding the Cascading Settings System (CSS)

March 12, 2024

Merch Jar utilizes a straightforward yet powerful settings management system known as the Cascading Settings System (CSS). This system simplifies how settings are applied and managed across different levels of your Amazon Ads campaigns, ensuring that your foundational settings flow seamlessly from the highest level of your advertising structure down to the most specific targeting.

What is the Cascading Settings System?

The CSS at Merch Jar is designed to make your life easier by automating the flow of settings from the topmost level down through the hierarchy of your campaigns. Think of it as a waterfall, where the water — or your initial settings — naturally flows down to fill each level below.

Levels of the Cascading System

The CSS hierarchy is composed of four levels:

  1. Ad Account Level: The source of the cascade, where default settings are established.
  2. Campaign Level: Directly influenced by the Ad Account settings, unless specifically changed.
  3. Ad Group Level: Settings cascade from the Campaign level but can be adjusted individually.
  4. Targeting Level: The final level, including keywords or targets, that inherits settings from the Ad Group, with the ability to override.

The beauty of the CSS is its flexibility. At each level, you can maintain the inherited settings from above or choose to set a new course with custom settings.

How CSS Works

The power of CSS lies in its flexibility and simplicity. At each level, you can maintain the inherited settings from above or choose to set a new course with custom settings:

  • Default Adoption: By default, every level automatically adopts the settings from the level above.
  • Selective Override: At any level, you have the freedom to override the inherited settings to suit the needs of a particular campaign, ad group, or target.
  • Effortless Management: With CSS, you set your course at the Ad Account level and then fine-tune as needed without having to micromanage every element.

Settings That Use CSS

Several key settings within Merch Jar utilize the CSS, ensuring consistency and control across your advertising efforts:

  • Target ACOS
  • Smart Bid profiles: these profiles include min and max bid settings and optional Smart Bid+ settings.

Each of these settings is designed to ensure that you maintain control over your advertising spend, targeting precision, and overall campaign efficiency.

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