Setting and Managing Target ACOS

January 17, 2024

This guide explains how to modify the Target ACOS within the framework of Merch Jar's Cascading Settings System (CSS), as detailed in our CSS documentation.

Setting Target ACOS at the Ad Account Level

  1. Go to the Ad Account Settings page.
  2. Find "Default Target ACOS" under Bid & Campaign Settings.
  3. Enter your desired percentage for Target ACOS. This default will apply to all campaigns, ad groups, and product ads unless specified otherwise.

Setting and Adjusting Target ACOS at Other Levels

  1. Navigate to the respective page for campaigns, ad groups, or keywords/targets:

    Ad Groups


  2. Click on the "Target ACOS" field for the item you want to adjust.
  3. Type in the new Target ACOS value. This will override the inherited setting from the level above.

Resetting Target ACOS to Inherit from the Above Level

To reset the Target ACOS so it inherits the value from the level above:

  1. Click on the "Target ACOS" field that you want to reset.
  2. Delete the existing value.
  3. Press Enter.

The field will now revert to inheriting the Target ACOS from the immediate upper level.

Inheritance Source

To check where the current Target ACOS value is inherited from:

  1. Hover over the "Target ACOS" value.
  2. A tooltip will appear indicating the source level of inheritance, such as "using campaign level target acos".

This feature helps you to understand the hierarchy of your settings at a glance and manage your ACOS effectively.

Inheritance Explained

Each level inherits the Target ACOS from the level above it unless explicitly changed. If you set a new Target ACOS at any level, such as the campaign or ad group level, it cascades down to all subordinate levels. For example, adjusting it at the ad group level will apply to all keywords/targets within that ad group. Product ads inherit the Target ACOS from the ad group level but do not have a field to change the Target ACOS directly within them. For a detailed understanding of how inheritance works within Merch Jar, refer to our Cascading Settings System documentation.

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