Negative Search

April 15, 2024

Negative search is a powerful feature in Merch Jar's Ad Manager that allows you to exclude non-relevant terms from your search results, helping you focus on the data that truly impacts your advertising strategy. Here’s how to leverage this feature for more efficient campaign management:

  1. Performing Negative Search: Use the -not: prefix in the search field to filter out keywords or phrases you want to exclude from your search results.
    • For a single keyword: -not:keyword
    • For an exact phrase: -not:"Multiple keywords"
  2. Exact Phrase Matching: By including quotes after -not:, the search will exclude results that match the exact phrase within the quotes.
  3. Combining Search Filters: Merge multiple negative search filters with a single positive search term to refine your results. Currently, the system is designed to support only one positive search alongside multiple negative filters.

Example of Negative Search:

Imagine you need to view records for 'auto campaign' without the clutter of unrelated terms such as 'close match', 'loose match', or 'lottery'. Enter the following in the search bar:
auto campaign -not:"close match" -not:"loose match" -not:lottery

This command will display only the relevant 'auto campaign' records, excluding any that contain the specified negative search terms.

Best Practices:

  • Apply negative search filters to swiftly remove irrelevant data, thus optimizing your review and analysis process.
  • Remember, negative search enhances data relevancy, enabling you to make more informed decisions with a clear view of your campaign performance.

By incorporating negative search into your routine, you'll be able to manage your campaigns with greater precision and effectiveness.

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