Navigating Merch Jar

March 2, 2024

This guide provides a straightforward walkthrough of the Merch Jar interface to help you effectively use the features for managing your Amazon advertising campaigns.

Sidebar Navigation

The sidebar is the main navigation tool for accessing all features of Merch Jar.

Closing the Sidebar

Click the 'Close Sidebar' button (double arrows) to maximize screen space.

To reopen, hover over the hamburger menu icon or dragging your cursor to the left edge of the window.

Pin the Sidebar Open

To keep the sidebar open, hover and click the 'Pin Sidebar' button that appears in place of the hamburger menu icon.

Switching Ad Accounts

Use the Ad Account dropdown at the top of the sidebar to switch between your different ad accounts. You can manage your ad accounts in the Data Connections page.

Ad Account Settings

Manage your ad accounts, such as default target ACOS, and maximum bids. Each ad account has it’s own settings.

For more information, visit Ad Account Settings Documentation.


View logs of data syncs with Amazon Advertising API and changes made by Merch Jar.

For more details, refer to History Documentation


Access your Merch Jar dashboards here. These include the Merch Jar and custom dashboards for the current ad account, and a dashboard for to view all Merch Jar managed ad accounts.


Automate campaign management with Recipes for task automation and Smart Campaigns for campaign structuring.

Learn more about Recipes

Learn more about Smart Campaigns

Ad Manager

The central hub for your advertising data, featuring table views and bulk actions for campaigns, keywords, ads, and more.

Learn more about Ad Manager

Account Menu

Located in the sidebar's lower left, this menu provides access to additional options like billing and support.

Last Updated Time

Indicates the most recent sync of your Amazon Advertising data with Merch Jar.

Data Sync Messages
Initial data sync in progress:
Indicates the first data sync is in progress, which may take several hours.
No profiles managed:
Shows when there are no active ad accounts managed by Merch Jar.

Title Bar Navigation

The title bar displays information and options related to the current section.

Page Title

Shows the name of the page or feature you are currently using.

Breadcrumb Bar

Helps track and navigate your path within Merch Jar.

Options Button

The ellipsis icon reveals a menu with additional actions for the page.

Campaign and Ad Group Detail Pages

When clicking on a campaign or ad group name throughout the app, you will be taken to their detail pages, providing specific data and actions for individual campaigns or ad groups.

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