Adjusted Metrics

March 12, 2024

Adjusted Metrics, derived from applying Ad Impact Multipliers, are the foundational elements that feed into the more comprehensive Blended Metrics. These metrics are essential for Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) sellers as they reflect the initial adjusted figures that result from the indirect effects of advertising campaigns.

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Understanding Adjusted Metrics

Adjusted Metrics are a direct result of the application of Ad Impact Multipliers, quantifying the nuanced effects of advertising beyond direct sales and KENP reads. They serve as essential building blocks for the more holistic Blended Metrics, which provide KDP sellers with an in-depth analysis of their advertising ROI.

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Using Adjusted Metrics

Within Merch Jar, Adjusted Metrics are utilized similarly to Blended Metrics, available for in-depth analysis and strategic campaign management.

Ad Manager

Use Adjusted Metrics to filter and analyze data within the Ad Manager, providing immediate insights into the influence of advertising on sales and reader engagement.

Recipes and Smart Campaigns

Implement Adjusted Metrics in Recipes and Smart Campaigns to inform and automate strategic decisions based on the data-driven impact of ads.

Importance of Adjusted Metrics

While Adjusted Metrics provide valuable insights on their own, their true significance lies in their contribution to Blended Metrics. They provide detailed insights into the individual impact of each component before combining them into Blended Metrics used for in-depth campaign analysis.

Metric Definitions and Formulas

Adjusted Orders

The total number of orders adjusted by the Order Impact Multiplier to reflect the true scale of advertising influence.

Adjusted Orders = Orders * Order Impact Multiplier

Adjusted Sales

The revenue from sales adjusted by the Order Impact Multiplier to provide an accurate depiction of ad-driven sales performance.

Adjusted Sales = Sales * Order Impact Multiplier

Adjusted Pages Read

The KENP reads adjusted by the KENP Impact Multiplier to accurately represent the depth of reader engagement driven by advertising.

Adjusted Pages Read = Page Reads * KENP Impact Multiplier

Adjusted Estimated Royalties

The estimated royalties from KENP reads adjusted by the KENP Impact Multiplier, reflecting the total earnings impacted by advertising.

Adjusted Estimated Royalties = Estimated Royalties * KENP Impact Multiplier

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