Scaling Up Your Amazon Advertising with Bulk Operations

September 11, 2023

Managing the advertising for your Merch by Amazon business can be a hassle. With hundreds (or even thousands) of products, campaign changes and bids can take a long time to execute and optimize.

Amazon advertising bulk operations exist to make this process easier.

With a tool like Merch Jar and the power of these bulk operations, you can easily create, edit, and optimize your Amazon ads for maximum impact. So, you’ll be in safe hands as we take you through how to implement Amazon advertising bulk operations to help get your brand (and products!) in front of more people.

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What are Amazon Advertising Bulk Operations?

Amazon advertising bulk operations is a tool that allows you to manage and optimize your existing campaigns and create new ones at scale using spreadsheets.


Instead of having to tweak each campaign one by one manually, you can make widespread changes, such as:

  • Create campaigns and ad groups
  • Add keywords and SKUs 
  • Pause or activate campaigns, ad groups, and keywords
  • Optimize bids and placement 

Amazon's native bulk spreadsheet operations can change and optimize multiple listings simultaneously. Still, it can be time-consuming if you're attempting to modify a larger number of listings. That’s why Merch Jar allows you to change unlimited listings in one go, massively reducing the time you spend manually inputting information.

With MerchJar, you can easily manage advertising campaigns in bulk, making it a breeze to adjust bids, update keywords, and create new campaigns at scale. Plus, you have access to time-saving, profit-boosting features like automatic bid adjustments and smart autopilot.

Why Are Amazon Advertising Bulk Operations Important?

Saves time and effort

Amazon advertising bulk operations allow you to make large-scale changes and optimizations to your campaigns, saving you valuable time and effort. You won’t have to micromanage individual ads, which also helps cut down on a lot of the busy work.

Ease and scalability

The bulk operations tool saves time and effort and ensures accuracy and consistency in your campaign changes for structured Amazon advertising campaigns. Amazon bulk operations allow you to make multiple changes to multiple listings without having to access the advertising console and quickly change ad groups and keywords as your business scales, allowing you to optimize your advertising efforts alongside the growth of your business.  

Off-line capabilities

If you're a busy Merch by Amazon seller, chances are you're constantly on the go, juggling multiple tasks and responsibilities. Instead of twiddling your thumbs and wasting valuable time, you can use that time to your advantage. With Amazon advertising bulk operations, you can simply download the bulk file template onto your device and change your campaigns offline.

How to Use Amazon Advertising Bulk Operations

Amazon advertising bulk operations give you the freedom and flexibility to optimize your advertising efforts whenever and wherever it’s convenient. 

Here’s a step-by-step process on how to use bulk operations:

Step 1: Activate the bulk operations tool

To use the bulk operations tool as a seller, go to "Advertising" at the top of the Seller Central menu. This will take you to the advertising console. There, you can find "Bulk operations" in the side menu. If you're a vendor, look for "Bulk operations" in the side menu within the advertising console.

Once activated, you can access various advanced features and functionalities to supercharge your advertising efforts.

Step 2. Launch new campaigns

Now that you've activated the Amazon Advertising Bulk Operations tool, it's time to take the next step and launch new campaigns. Here are the steps to launching a new campaign:

  1. Prepare Campaign in Campaign Manager: Make sure you already have a campaign set up in your Campaign Manager. It can be in any state (running, paused, ended, or terminated). If you don't have one, create a campaign there first.
  2. Access Bulk Operations: Go to the "Bulk Operations" page. This is where you can do various things with your campaigns using a spreadsheet.
  3. Choose How to Get the Spreadsheet:
  • Option 1: Create & Download a Custom Spreadsheet: If you've made campaigns before (using the ads console or API), you can create a spreadsheet with your previous campaign data. 
  • Option 2: Download a Bulk Operations Template: This option gives you a blank bulk sheets template with column headers. There will be tabs for different campaign types, such as Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, and Sponsored Displays. You can delete tabs unrelated to the type of campaign you want to create or edit.

Step 3. Make changes to your campaigns

This step involves changing your campaigns to ensure they run at their best. The user-friendly interface of the Bulk Operations tool makes it easy to navigate and modify your campaigns. Accessing the "Campaign Manager" section lets you view all your active campaigns in one place.

To start making changes, select the campaign you want to modify. Here, you'll have access to various options to enhance your campaigns. For instance, you can adjust the daily budget for each campaign to control your ad spend.

By increasing the budget for campaigns that are performing well, you can maximize your exposure and drive more sales.

As you fill in the template, remember that it's designed to handle bulk operations, which means you can alter multiple campaigns simultaneously. This saves you time and effort, especially if you have hundreds of keywords or multiple campaign types to manage.

Step 4. Make the template ready for upload

To prepare the template for upload, you need to fill in the required fields and customize the settings according to your advertising goals. This includes entering the campaign name, setting the daily budget, choosing the bidding strategy, and selecting the specific targeting options you want to use.

Step 5. Upload your bulk spreadsheet

Lastly, the last step is to upload your bulk spreadsheet. 

Once you've made all the necessary changes in the bulk spreadsheet, simply upload it to the bulk operations tool. The tool will automatically process and apply the changes to your campaigns in real-time. It also provides an error report highlighting any issues or discrepancies in your spreadsheet, allowing you to resolve them quickly.


Merch Jar is a valuable tool and alternative to traditional bulk operations for Amazon sellers.  This tool provides an efficient and user-friendly platform to help sellers streamline their operations, optimize listings, and manage their Amazon inventory effectively. 

Whether you need to update product titles, descriptions, prices, or other listing attributes, Merch Jar provides a user-friendly interface to make these changes in bulk, saving you valuable time and effort.

Unlock Success with Amazon Advertising Bulk Operations

You can significantly improve your advertising campaigns on the platform by using Amazon advertising bulk operations. With the ability to make changes at a larger scale and save time with bulk uploads, you can optimize your campaigns and get better results.

Looking for a more straightforward way to manage your Amazon advertising spend?

Merch Jar combines powerful automation, intelligent triggers, user-friendly dashboards, and intuitive bulk actions to streamline your operations.

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