Linking Ad Groups

January 13, 2024

Linked ad groups will be shown in the Rule Editor

To link ad groups:

  1. Click the "Link Ad Group" button.
  2. Start typing a campaign or ad group name in the search box. This filters the display to match your query.
  3. Click on an ad group to add it to the Linked Ad Groups field.
  4. To remove a linked ad group, click the "X" next to it.

Linked ad groups that are selected within a rule as a source, target, or negation ad group cannot be removed. To remove, first unselect the ad group from any rules, or delete rules the ad group is used within.

By default, only enabled ad groups and campaigns are shown. Use the switches for "Show Archived Campaigns", "Show Paused Campaigns", "Show Archived Ad Groups", and "Show Paused Ad Groups" to adjust the view.

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