7 Amazon Ads Courses That Are Worth Considering

December 12, 2023

7 Amazon Ads Courses That Are Worth Considering

To succeed on Amazon—the world’s largest, most competitive online marketplace—sellers need to understand the ins and outs of Amazon Ads.

From dynamic bidding to performance metrics, Amazon Ads can be complex. Thankfully, there are plenty of courses out there to help sellers sharpen their skills and make the most of their ad campaigns.

So, in this Merch Jar guide, we’ll review some of the most popular, effective Amazon Ads courses that will teach you how to create, manage, optimize and scale your campaigns.

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What is an Amazon Ads Course?

Amazon Ads courses are training programs that help advertisers learn how to best use Amazon Ads products and solutions.

They provide education on how to connect with new audiences and grow your business, covering topics like:

  • Setting up your first campaign
  • Optimizing your campaigns for maximum performance
  • Choosing the right ad types and bidding strategies
  • Testing different creatives to get better results
  • Understanding Amazon Ads metrics and reporting capabilities
  • Using Amazon Ads tools to automate campaign optimization

That last point is especially important for sellers managing large product catalogs with hundreds (or even thousands) of ads.

At Merch Jar, we help Amazon sellers automate their campaigns with bulk actions, automated optimization recipes, and simplified keyword management with smart campaigns. Plus, our tool is designed to be simple for anyone to use—no courses required.

Why are Amazon Ads Courses Important?

Gain Specialized Knowledge

Amazon Ads courses provide specialized knowledge that's crucial for advertisers and marketers. They educate and empower you to grow your business and reach new audiences. 

Courses cover a wide range of topics, starting from launching your first campaign to improving an existing strategy. They allow you to customize your learning experience and focus on the areas that are most relevant to your interests.

Understand How Amazon Ranking Works

Understanding how to rank products on Amazon is a key aspect of these courses. Amazon’s ranking algorithm (known as A9) determines the order in which products are shown to shoppers in search results. 

At Merch Jar, we understand the importance of ranking on Amazon. Our tool is designed to help manage and automate your ad campaigns, saving you time and allowing you to focus on optimizing your product listings for better rankings.

Improve ROI

Amazon Ads courses can help improve your return on investment (ROI). They teach you how to structure your ad campaigns, optimize them, and use simple tricks to remain profitable. This includes setting the right goals, targeting the correct keywords, setting ideal bids, and optimizing your ad performances.

Enhance Product Visibility

By learning how to use Amazon Ads effectively, you can enhance the visibility of your products. Amazon Ads can place your product listings right in front of customers, increasing their visibility and drawing potential buyers to them. This can lead to higher sales and revenues.

Increase Sales and Revenue

Amazon Ads courses can help increase your sales and revenue. By optimizing your Amazon listings for increased sales and decreased advertising expenses, you can find top search keywords for your ads and product listings. This can result in increased website traffic, improved conversion rates, and ultimately, higher sales.

Things To Consider When Choosing an Amazon Ad Course

Course Content

The content of the course is a crucial factor to consider. If you have a specific area you’d like to target (e.g., Amazon Ads keyword research), make sure the course covers that topic in-depth. If you’re looking for a more comprehensive course, make sure the content covers all aspects of Amazon Ads setup and optimization.

Instructor Expertise

The instructor should have a solid background in Amazon Ads and a good understanding of the platform. They should be able to provide practical tips and strategies based on their experience and knowledge.

Reviews and Testimonials

Reviews and testimonials provide you with insights into the quality of the course and the effectiveness of the teaching methods. Look for courses that have positive reviews and testimonials from past students. These can provide valuable insights into the course content, teaching style, and overall experience.

Course Format

The format of the course is also important. It should be easy to follow and understand, regardless of your experience level. The course could be in the form of videos, interactive courses, or a series of courses. It’s also beneficial if the course allows you to learn at your own pace.


Finally, consider whether the course offers certification. Certifications provide a way for advertisers and marketing professionals to demonstrate their expertise in specific Amazon Ads products and solutions. By successfully completing a certification assessment, you will be awarded an Amazon Ads digital badge. This can be a great way to showcase your skills and expertise.

7 Best Amazon Ads Courses

1. The Smartest Seller Course (SmartScout)

The SmartScout course is designed to help individuals succeed in selling on Amazon. With over 20 years of combined experience and $200 million+ in lifetime Amazon sales, the course offers comprehensive training and resources for beginners and serious entrepreneurs alike. From product research and brand analysis to advanced marketing strategies and pricing techniques, the course covers essential topics to help participants grow their Amazon businesses and achieve financial freedom.

Topics Covered

  • Introduction to Amazon
  • Product research
  • Smartest seller formula
  • Advanced marketing strategies
  • Advanced pricing strategies
  • Optimizing Amazon ads
  • Scaling & logistics
  • Advanced repricing

2. Mastery of Amazon (The PPC University)

The PPC University specializes in pay-per-click (PPC) advertising on Amazon. This course delves deep into the intricacies of Amazon PPC, offering detailed insights into keyword targeting, bid management, and ad optimization. It's a must for those seeking to maximize their ROI on Amazon.

Topic Covered

  • Introduction to Amazon PPC
  • Understanding campaigns
  • Targeting and match types
  • Research and product ranking
  • Reports and optimization
  • Analytics and data interpretation
  • Demand side platform (DSP)

3. Amazon DSP Certification Course (Amazon Learning Console)

The Amazon DSP Certification course is designed to validate an individual's proficiency in Amazon Ads programmatic offerings. It's best suited for advertisers or agency professionals who leverage Amazon DSP. The course provides comprehensive training on various aspects of Amazon DSP, including audience solutions, campaign setup, ad policy, and campaign performance and optimization.

Topics Covered

  • Amazon DSP audience solutions
  • Supply quality
  • Campaign setup
  • Supply
  • Ad policy
  • Campaign performance and optimization

4. Amazon Video Ads Certification Course (Amazon Learning Console)

The Amazon Video Ads Certification Course is designed to confirm an individual's expertise in using Amazon's video ads offerings. This certification is especially beneficial for advertising and marketing professionals in planning and strategy roles who oversee advertising portfolios and evaluate campaign effectiveness.

Topic Covered

  • An overview of video ads
  • Integrating video into advertising portfolios
  • Understanding video ads audiences
  • Effectively measuring and reporting on video ad campaigns.

5. Amazon Advertising (PPC) and SEO Training Course (Online Seller UK)

The Amazon Advertising (PPC) and SEO Training Course provided by Online Seller UK is a comprehensive program aimed at helping businesses enhance their presence and increase sales on Amazon.

It's suitable for seller central users, vendor central users, and digital marketers who want to optimize their product content, conduct effective keyword research, create and manage advertising campaigns, analyze performance metrics, and develop a successful Amazon advertising plan.

Topic Covered

  • Amazon SEO
  • Amazon keyword tools
  • Getting started with Advertising Campaigns
  • Automatic campaigns vs. manual campaigns
  • Amazon Product Target ads
  • Basic Campaign Structure and best practices
  • Advertising reporting and understanding Amazon PPC metrics
  • Understanding search term and product placement reports
  • Optimizing campaign performance

6. Amazon Ads Campaign Optimization Certification Course (Amazon Learning Console)

The Amazon Ads Campaign Optimization Certification Course validates an individual’s proficiency in advanced campaign strategy, reporting, and optimization for sponsored ads, Amazon DSP, and cross-product campaigns. This advanced certification is best suited for hands-on practitioners, like retail media specialists and campaign managers.

Topics Covered

  • Campaign goals and metrics
  • Retail insights
  • Cross-product strategy 

7. Amazon Advertising Fundamentals (Udemy)

Amazon Advertising Fundamentals is a course offered on Udemy that provides a comprehensive guide for beginners. It helps you plan, create, and launch successful Amazon Ads campaigns and become a skilled Amazon PPC Manager—even with no prior experience.

The course dives into topics like how to structure your campaigns effectively, optimize keyword bidding for maximum profitability, make the most of your campaign budgets, set appropriate targets for your PPC campaigns based on product lifecycle phases, and optimize towards those targets.

Topics Covered

  • Amazon PPC basics
  • Understanding PPC options
  • Setting the right targets
  • Performance analytics & optimization


Choosing the right Amazon Ads course can be a pivotal decision for Amazon sellers seeking to thrive in the competitive e-commerce world. By considering factors like course content, instructor expertise, reviews and testimonials, course format, and the value of certification, you can make an informed choice that aligns with your learning goals. 

As you embark on your Amazon Ads journey, don't forget to explore Merch Jar’s time-saving solutions. Amazon advertising can be a time-consuming task—Merch Jar is designed to simplify and automate ad campaigns, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

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