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What’s the real cost of inefficient advertising?

It’s not just the wasted ad spend or neglected search terms—It’s the untapped potential. The countless hours you could have spent creating new products, scaling your business, and achieving work-life balance.

I used to spend hours every week in the ad dashboard. Merch Jar has saved me so much time since I implemented its automation tools. As a KDP seller, it gives me more time to focus on writing and creating.

Christopher Goettl

KDP Seller

We know what it feels like to spend more time managing your ads than growing your business.

Turn Your Ads into Profit,
Not Projects.

Bid Management

Ditch the manual grind of adjusting bids. Recipes intelligently optimizes your bids in real-time, adapting to ever-changing market conditions. This means you’re not just saving time, you’re spending smarter—translating to a more profitable bottom line.

Keyword Management

Take the hassle out of keyword management. Smart Campaigns continually monitors search term performance—creating keywords from your best performers, while negating the poor performers. The result? A laser-focused ad budget that puts your money where it works.

Bulk Operations,

Leave tedious spreadsheets behind. Our Ad Manager consolidates all your advertising data, so you can see every ad group, keyword, and search term in one place. Save custom views, adjust date ranges in seconds, and perform bulk actions—all in just a few clicks.

Automate Your Ads In Minutes

Maximize performance from day one. Our Starter Automations handle all of your essential advertising tasks, pre-configured to boost profitability. Skip the learning curve and start seeing immediate ROI—so you can focus on what matters most.

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Merch Jar is the only tool I know designed to manage a lot of listings. I can automate and optimize everything with only three tasks each month. That’s it. I’m saving a lot of time, which is most important to me having two kids and lots of other projects.

Mark S.

Managing my ads was so time consuming to do everything manually. Merch Jar saves time and money by automating and optimizing ads and makes my business more profitable.

Paul C.

I was overwhelmed trying to manage my ads and create new designs. Merch Jar made it easy to optimize my ads without spreadsheets. Now I spend less time managing ads, my ads are more profitable, and I’m reaching my sales and design goals.

Jamie S.

The Advertising
Efficiency Blueprint

Overwhelmed by Amazon advertising? Unlock a more efficient way to advertise in just three steps.


Your Ad Accounts

Quickly and securely link your Amazon Advertising accounts to Merch Jar.


Starter Automations

Get started in minutes with Starter Automations—pre-configured for immediate results.


Your Time

Watch your ads reach peak performance while enjoying more time for what matters most.

Built for Any Challenge

Every Seller
Platform Supported

Support for every Amazon platform—FBA, FBM, Vendors, KDP, and Merch on Demand

Every Marketplace Supported

Support for every Amazon Advertising marketplace across 21 countries.

Customer Support

Expert help when you need it. Our customer support team is just a click away.

Serious About
Data Security

Your data is safe with us, guarded by our industry-leading security measures.

Unlimited Lifetime
Data Storage

Retain valuable ad data beyond Amazon’s limits, for as long as you're subscribed.

Full Visibility
Activity Logs

Track every change with detailed audit logs for complete transparency.

Overwhelmed by Amazon Ads?You don’t have to be.

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