NEW FEATURE | Merch Jar Chrome Extension

June 7, 2023


If you're a Merch on Demand seller, we just launched our brand-new Chrome extension that makes it easier to get all of your product listings from your Merch on Demand account and launch ads from them by exporting your ASINs and making it easy to add those ASINs to any of your advertising campaigns, such as your lottery campaigns. In this video, I'll show you how to install the Chrome extension and how to use it to add listings to your ad groups.


To get started, use the link in the description to go to the Chrome web store and download the extension by clicking the "Add to Chrome" button and then clicking "Add extension". Once it's been added, click on your jigsaw puzzle piece to open your extensions and find the new Merch Jar extension.

We're going to pin it to your task bar to make it easier to access. When you first click on the extension icon, it will ask for a token to link it to your merch on demand account. Use the link in the extension to navigate to your integration page.

I have already set this up, so I'm going to delete the previous token. If this is your first time setting it up, click on the Integrations link inside of Merch Jar and you will be given a token to copy and paste into the extension. This only shows up once for security, so make sure to copy it and then paste it into the extension.

If you accidentally close this without adding the token, just delete the token and set up the integration again to generate a new one. Once you've pasted the token in, click "Add token" and if you're logged into your Merch on Demand account, you should see your account information for the account you are currently logged in on.

If not, simply click "Refresh" after logging in. If you have any trouble adding the token or if nothing happens, disable the Merch Jar extension under your manage extension settings, and then re-enable the extension. This should allow you to add the token without any issues.


Once you're logged into your Merch on Demand account, click "Sync products" and the synchronization process will begin. If you have a large number of merch on demand products (tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands), this can take some time, up to 20 minutes or more. You can leave this running in the background, but make sure that your computer stays awake so the process continues.

If the synchronization process stops or gets stuck, use the "Stuck? Click here to restart" button to restart it. Once the initial synchronization is complete, new synchronizations will be much quicker.


You can export your listings from Merch Jar under the "Tools" section and then click "Export listings". Your listings will be exported by account. If you have multiple Merch on Demand accounts, they will each appear here. You can sync each account by logging into them individually and restarting the synchronization process. If you log into a different account, just hit "Refresh" and it will update which account you're logged in to and you can continue synchronizing your products. To export your listings, simply click on the marketplace flag for the marketplace you want to export them to. It may take some time to generate the report depending on how many products you have. Once the file is exported, you'll have a spreadsheet with the following columns:

  • asin
  • product type (such as t-shirt, hoodie, or popsocket)
  • created date

These columns can be used to filter your asins. Soon, we will be adding additional fields to this as well. Now, you're ready to add ASINs to your ad groups. I'm going to first add a filter to this spreadsheet and I'm using Excel. In this example, I'm going to filter by product type and select only t-shirts. Then, I'm going to use the "Copy" function to copy the listing IDs and paste them into the ad group in my ad campaign. And that's it! Now you can use the Chrome extension to easily sync and export your listings and add them to your ad groups. Thanks for watching!

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