New Subscriber Pricing

June 7, 2023

Merch Jar Price Increase - Effective January 1st

In order to better support the development of Merch Jar and reach our vision for Merch Jar to make advertising easier, we’re changing our pricing effective January 1st.

This price change will not effect current subscribers, or anyone that subscribes to Merch Jar by January 1st.

All current subscribers will be grandfathered into their existing plan for as long as the subscription is maintained.

On Jan 1st, our base subscription will change to $50 per month and now include up to $2000 in ad spend per month across all Merch Jar managed ad accounts.

This is a change from our current base subscription of $25 per month and $1000 in included monthly ad spend, which will no longer be available after December 31st.

All other aspects and pricing of the plan will remain the same, including the current pricing for any ad spend over $2000 per month.

You can see our pricing for any level of ad spend using the calculator on our pricing page:

New subscribers that subscribe by December 31st will be locked into our $25 base subscription for as long as the subscription is maintained plus, get a 10,000 coin bonus as part of our holiday promotion.

That’s an extra $10,000 in ad spend above your plans included $1000 monthly ad spend, a $150 value.

To subscribe, head over to the billing page of your Merch Jar account, add a credit card to your account, and click the subscribe button.

And in case you missed it, we recently had some other updates to Merch Jar

Chrome Extension

If you're an Amazon Merch on Demand seller, the Merch Jar Chrome extension syncs all of your Merch on Demand products with your Merch Jar account, making it easy to get a list of all of your asins for advertising or to add them to your lottery campaigns

New Starter Recipes

It's now easier than ever to get started with Recipes and automate your campaign optimizations!

We've rewritten all of our starter Recipes to be more streamlined and easier to use, so you can automate your workflow in just clicks.

A lot more coming

We’re making a lot of improvements in 2023 to make Merch Jar a better experience and make amazon advertising even easier.


  • More content, tips, strategies, and tutorials to get the most out of Merch Jar and your Amazon ads
  • as well as new recipes available in Recipe World to download and automate your Ads in seconds

We also have many new features and enhancements to the Merch Jar app underway


  • New Recipe enhancements and functionality
  • Placement adjustment bulk action and automations
  • Streamlined campaign creation
  • Better dashboards and analytics to analyze and optimize your campaigns.

If you’re looking to take your advertising to the next level in 2023, now’s the last chance to get locked in to the lowest price we’ll ever be offering it again, while still getting every new feature released.

Start your free 30 day trial at