New Feature: Set Target ACOS at the Ad Group and Targeting Level

June 7, 2023

You can now set a custom target ACOS at the ad group and targeting (keyword, auto target groups, product and category targets) level.

With this change, Smart Bids now works with any type of campaign structure. You can structure your campaigns to fit your exact product and campaign goals and let Smart Bids dial in your bids to hit your target ACOS.

Target ACOS is used by Smart Bids to calculate your target cost per click, and optimizes your bids accordingly.

You can set an Ad Group target ACOS from the Ad Groups page:

And at the targets level on your Targets and Keywords pages:

Simply click on the target ACOS for the row you’d like to change, and type in a new target ACOS. That row’s target ACOS is now set and no longer using the default target ACOS from your account settings.

You can also set the target ACOS on other tables throughout the Merch Jar app, such as Campaign and Ad Group detail pages, where you see the Target ACOS field.

Target ACOS works using an inheritance system based on how Amazon Ads are structured and uses 4 levels:

  • Account Level
  • Campaign Level
  • Ad Group Level
  • Target Level

Target ACOS settings are inherited from it’s parent level, the level directly above it, as it’s default target ACOS.

So an ad group with no set target ACOS will inherit it from the campaign it’s within as it’s default target ACOS. If that campaign is using a default target ACOS, it will inherit the Account Level target ACOS.

When you set a new custom target ACOS at one level, it is no longer inheriting a target ACOS from the level above and won’t be changed if the Account Level or other parent level target ACOS settings are adjusted.

In this way you can “lock” in a target ACOS for a campaign, ad group, or target that you don’t want to have changed if you alter a parent levels settings.

Every child level will use the new custom target ACOS as their default, unless they have their own custom target ACOS set.

A record using an inherited default target ACOS, it will appear as lighter gray text, while a record that has a custom target ACOS will appear as darker gray text in your Merch Jar tables.

When you hover over a target ACOS, a tooltip will popup to let you know which level the target ACOS is coming from.