UPDATE: Launch Announcement + Pricing Plans

June 7, 2023

Yesterday, we revealed Merch Jar as official launch on May 1. Today, we've been listening, we've always taken your feedback to heart not only to make Merch Jar, the best advertising tool possible, but one that is also fair and works for all of our users. A number of you have reached out to us with feedback, highlighting challenges and confusion in our pricing strategy, as well as critical missing features in the product. We hear you and we have adjusted.

We're massively simplifying things. For the next two months, the beta plan will be billed at the base rate of just $20 per month, regardless of your ad spend. We're also completely reexamining our ad credit packs, expect to see a name change, clear messaging, and updated pricing. Tom and I really appreciate all your feedback and criticism, and we will continue to use that to make the best product possible.

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