New Feature: Recipe World

June 7, 2023


Merch Jar recipes are a powerful way to optimize your Amazon ad campaigns allowing you to create complex automations for each your campaign goals, saving you hours of time and maximizing your profits. Now we've made recipes even easier to share and use across all of your different ad accounts.

Introducing Recipe World. Recipe World allows you to browse and download recipes shared by Merch Jar users from across the globe, filter by recipe type and view recipe descriptions and the number of downloads.

With our new recipe import, you can add your favorite recipes across all of your ad accounts and automate your campaigns in just a few clicks. Simply click download and your recipe will be downloaded to your computer as its own recipe file. Use the Create recipe drop down inside your Merch Jar account to import the recipe and click Browse to find the recipe file you'd like to import. You can import the recipe to just the ad profile you're currently working with, or select Import to All Profiles to add it to all of your Merch Jar managed ad profiles. Click Import and your new recipe is ready to run.

Once imported, you can also customize any part of the recipe to fit your campaign goals. You can export an existing recipe to share or import to your other add profiles. Simply click Actions for the recipe you'd like to download, and then export. This will download the recipe file ready for sharing and import.

Recipe world is a big step towards our mission to make Amazon advertising easier. But we need your help. Sharing your favorite recipes to recipe world for others to discover. Submit your own recipes for Recipe World, and for each recipe that we publish, you'll get 500 coins added to your coin jar. Plus, we'll be giving away one 25,000 coin bundle to the Merch Jar user that submits our favorite recipes by January 31. That's $25,000 in ad spend a $250 value to use towards your Merch Jar subscription. You can submit your recipes by uploading your own recipe files using the link in the description or by filling out the rest of the recipe form.

Expect to see more updates coming soon for recipe world including easier ways to share and discover new recipes.

Me and the rest of the Merch Jar team couldn't be more excited for what Recipe World will bring to the Merch Jar community and we can't wait to see all the creative recipes that you come up with.

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