Merch Jar Updates | April 13th, 2021

June 7, 2023

What's up, Merch Jar gang! Cameron Scot here and today is April 13th and I have some updates for you for Merch Jar since our last updated video. Let's jump right in. The first new feature is our live chat bubble here in the bottom right corner where you can click on this and get any help to any questions or troubleshooting that you may have to simply start a new conversation and type in whatever you need and me and the rest of the team will be able to respond directly to your troubleshooting ticket and keep track of it and just overall be able to provide a better customer support experience.

The next feature update is our new bid history. This is the first version where you can see the last ten changes to any of the bids just by simply hovering over any of the bids in any of the Merch Jar tables. And the last new feature is around our Smart Bids. A lot of people have been asking for a way to enable Smart Bids in bulk for their campaigns, as well as filter by the Smart Bids status.

So now you can do both using the filter there. There's a new Smart Bid metric that you can switch to enabled or disabled. So, if we search by disabled, it'll show us all of our campaigns that do not have Smart Bids enabled. And you can turn all these on at one time by selecting all the campaigns you would like to enable Smart Bids for and then book actions for Smart Bid and enable Smart Bid.

We've also made a number of performance upgrades under the hood that decrease load times by up to 99%. So, as you're applying filters or searches, data loads nearly instantly across all your different pages. We've also made a number of bug fixes that affects the sinking of data between Merch Jar in the Amazon API, so that you'll receive far less errors when you're making any campaign or bid changes.

Another bug fix is in the settings page under the profiles where the ad spend across the different accounts weren't showing. This is now showing accurately, and you can turn on and off your accounts that you would like to manage. So, this is an easy way to see where you spend is happening across all of your different ad profiles, across all of your accounts connected to Merch Jar.

We also fix a bug in the products table under dashboard where items weren't showing if there was no performance data such as impressions. Those will now show even if there is no data as well as other miscellaneous backend bugs and performance improvements. That's it for this update. We have a pretty exciting announcement coming out in the next couple days regarding our official launch and new plans and pricing.

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