Merch Jar Tutorials | Setting Your Target ACOS

June 7, 2023

Target ACOS is the ACOS goal that you set for your campaigns in ad groups. The higher your target ACOS, the more aggressive your bidding will be. Merch Jar uses the campaigns target ACOS to color code, the accost and the rose fields in all of its data tables so you can easily see how you're performing at a glance. If you're within your target ACOS they'll show as green,

if you're outside of your target, it'll show as yellow, and if you're way outside your target, it'll show as red. Merch Jar also uses your target ACOS to automatically dial in your bids with its smart bids feature. When a keyword or target's actual ACOS is above your target ACOS smart bids will slowly lower your bids to get closer to your target ACOS.

And when your actual ACOS is below your target ACOS, smart bids will slowly raise your bids to get closer to your target ACOS. For more information on smart bids, see our Smart Bids video in this playlist. Target ACOS a set from the campaign level and can be set from the campaign page. All ad groups, keywords and targets within the campaign will inherit the campaign's target ACOS. To set the target ACOS for a campaign,

navigate to your campaign page and then simply click on the target ACOS field for any campaign you'd like to change, enter your new amount and press enter. Any campaign that doesn't have its target ACOS set manually like shown here, will show in a lighter color gray. Once we enter a new target ACOS, it'll be a little darker. So, you know that it was manually entered.

Any campaign that doesn't have this manually set, one here the default target ACOS that you set in your Merch Jar settings. Any change that you make here to your default target ACOS settings will be applied to every single campaign that's not had their target ACOS manually set.

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