Merch Jar Tutorials | Making Bid Adjustments

June 7, 2023

With Merch Jar, you can adjust all your keywords or targets bids at the same time. To adjust your bids, navigate to the ad’s dropdown at the top of your Merch Jar app. In the dropdown, you will see the options, keywords and targets. This is where you'll just the bids for all of your campaigns, keywords and targets. The keywords page includes all of your broad, phrase and exact matches from your manual keyword targeting campaigns.

The targets page includes all of your automatic campaign targeting groups which are close match, loose match, complements and substitutes as well as all your product targets from your manual product targeting campaigns. In every Merch Jar table, you can use the search box to narrow the search results, which searches by campaign and add a group name or with filters to narrow the results based on a target's performance, targeting, state such as enabled or paused and the bid amount.

To make a bid adjustment, check the box for each row you'd like to adjust, then click bulk actions and change bid. Use the dropdown box to either increase or decrease your bid by a percentage or a dollar amount. Or you set bid to change the bid of all selected targets to a specific bid. Enter the amount you'd like to change your bid. In this case, we're going to decrease these two by 10% and then click Change Bid.

To adjust the number of rows on a page, use the record number selection dropdown at the bottom of the page. To select all rows from all pages in your filtered view, click the dropdown arrow next to the select all checkbox and then click the option. Select rows from all pages. All of your keywords or targets within your filtered view will now be selected, and you can make both changes to all of them at the same time, using the same process of change bid and then choosing the bid amount you'd like to adjust and clicking change bid.

In your master settings under smart bids, you can set the minimum and maximum bid for your bid adjustments. If a bid adjustment would increase your target's bid above your max bid in your settings, it will instead be set to the bid you've selected in your max bid. Likewise, if a bid adjustment would decrease a bid below your minimum bid, it will instead be set to the bid selected in your min bid settings.

Occasionally, when making a bid adjustment, you'll receive a warning that one or more items were out of sync. This happens when there's a mismatch between the data in Merch Jar and the data that's in your Amazon ad console. When this happens, your bid adjustment is not executed, and Merch Jar immediately resyncs the data from Amazon for any records are out of sync.

You can then reapply your bid adjustment you just made, and your adjustment should now execute across all selected targets. Now that the data is synced.

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