Launch Announcement + Plan Pricing

June 7, 2023

Today, Tom and I are excited to announce Merch Jar's official launch on May 1st. First, we'd like to thank each of our beta subscribers that provided testing, bug reporting and valuable feedback over the past few months. And we're really excited to share a special offer for all of our beta subscribers over the course of our beta we've grown rapidly.

Merch Jar has managed over $1 million in ad spend, and we're now processing over 1 billion data points every single day. We're performing hundreds of thousands of bid changes, keyword promotions and bulk actions, saving advertisers hundreds of hours in time, and making it easier than ever to manage your campaigns. To handle this amount of data, we've made significant investments into our servers and our backend architecture to continually improve performance and stability for all of our Merch Jar users.

And we have a lot more on the way. More powerful bit in keyword automations, easier ways to launch and optimize your campaigns, new ways to analyze your data, and a whole lot more. While we're proud of where Merch Jar is today, we're incredibly excited for everything that we have planned. We envision Merch Jar not only as the leading platform for advertising automation, but also as a tool to make high performance advertising easier and more accessible to everyone, no matter their experience.

With our official launch, we're introducing our new Merch Jar subscription plan. This paid plan will allow us to bring on additional developers and support, launch new features faster, create more educational content, and make Merch Jar the best tool for managing our Amazon ads that it can be. We thought long and hard about how to create a pricing model that works for everybody from those just starting out, to you advertising rock stars are spending hundreds of thousands per month. We've made our subscription as simple and fair as possible. Just one plan for everyone, regardless of how many different ad accounts or campaigns you have. With your Merch Jar subscription, you'll get unlimited access to all of Merch Jar 's time saving tools and automation features, starting at just $25 per month. Every Merch Jar subscription includes $2,000 in ad credits that resets at the start of each new billing cycle.

Every $1 an ad spend equals $1 in ad credit. Each dollar of ad spend from your Merch Jar managed ad accounts is deducted from your ad credit balance each day. If you need more than $2,000 in ad credits each month, you can either pay as you go at the end of each billing cycle for any additional ad credits used or pre-purchase ad credit packs.

Either way. We offer the lowest rates in the industry with our pay as you go option. You'll simply be billed for any additional ad credits use at the end of the billing cycle. Or you can save even more with ad credit packs. Ad credit packs allow you to pre-pay for your ad spend at a discounted rate. Ad credit packs never expire and are available in 10,000, 25,000 and 100,000 increments, offering significant savings over the pay as you go option.

As a way to thank our beta subscribers. Anyone that signs up for a Merch Jar subscription plan before May 1st, will get our lowest pricing that we will ever offer. All beta subscribers will get a lifetime 20% discount off their monthly Merch Jar subscription, including any additional pay as you go ad credits. This gives you enterprise grade advertising tools starting at just $20 per month, while our prices will go up when we launch on May 1st,

you will stay locked into your special beta price plan for as long as you maintain your subscription. You'll also continue to receive every new feature and update as Merch Jar continues to evolve. But that's not all. You'll also save up to an additional 30% on all of our already discounted ad credit packs for any ad credit packs are purchased before May 1st.

Ad credit packs not only give you the best value on your ad spend, but it's also the best way to support the Merch Jar team. As we launch Inside Your Merch Jar account, you'll see our new billing page where you can subscribe to a Merch Jar subscription, manage your payment methods, estimate your monthly subscription cost based on ad spend and purchase ad credit packs.

Anyone that signs up for the special beta pricing will have their first billing cycle start on May 1st and will see their first monthly subscription charges on June 1st. If you haven't yet created your Merch Jar account, you can sign up for free at to take advantage of our lifetime beta pricing. Tom and I are so grateful for everyone that's been on this journey with us, and we're incredibly excited for what's next.

We hope you'll join us as we continue our journey to make advertising easier.

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