How to Optimize Your Amazon Listing for Maximum Visibility

June 7, 2023

The title has the most SEO juice that sends the strongest signal to Amazon and help you rank more for that title.

Use up all the keywords

I could see that the keywords are crucial. So the title and the subtitle of a book really, really matter and you can't change them once the books come live, but you can change your backend keywords.

And that's where people go wrong.

First of all, they don't fill them up. So you've got a couple of 49, 50 characters for each one. And you've got seven boxes and Amazon mix and matches the keywords within each box.

So you need to fill them up. You can't just put coloring book. You've got to put unicorn coloring book for girls, kids.

We'll let you get all mix and match them all up so that you then you're listed for unicorn coloring book, coloring book for girls, coloring book for kids, unicorn coloring book for girls, unicorn coloring book for kids.

Having that broader search term so you're appearing on more search terms because more search terms you appear on, like we talked about earlier is the more opportunity, the more traffic you have available to your listing.

Once a keywords kind of in your listing somewhere you don't need to keep repeating it necessarily. The title has the most SEO juice. It sends the strongest signal to Amazon and help you rank more for that title.

UK & US Spellings

And also, I think people do sometimes forget that we spell things differently in the UK. So if I write, you know, humor, I'll also write it with the UK spelling as well to get both words in. I don't know if Amazon works that out itself, but maybe it does. Maybe it doesn't.

Indexing for Spanish terms

They do like misspellings. I don't know if they consider it a misspelling or not, but I have a similar tip for the US. The US has a lot of Spanish speakers and where you can have Spanish in your listing to index for Spanish search terms with a lot of people don't do. So if you are looking to kind of increase some of that search term volume or number of keywords you're indexing for, that'd be an option as well is putting some Spanish in your listing.

The images in your A plus content, like the alternative text form. So it doesn't appear to the customers or on your page, but those index as well. So it's an area where, okay, maybe you don't want to like have Spanish in your listing. For example, you could put some Spanish in your image tags and still get indexed there.

I haven't tested this. So this is just kind of like passing on some things I've heard.

Maybe it's a rumor, but Steven Pope is pretty well respected in the space. So another option as well to increase your footprint for your product.

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