Dec. 4 Updates | Cyber Monday | Sales & Ad Spend | 2022 Holiday Ride Along

June 7, 2023


In this video, we're going to review the last week of sales including Cyber Monday as well as the ad spend over that time period. So, let's jump right into the sales from last week. Here's the last week of sales since last Sunday to today – Sunday December 4th. If you didn't catch it already, I already did a video that covered my Black Friday sales and also the huge blunder that Amazon Advertising made that day and how it affected my personal account and ad spend. So, if you missed that, make sure to check out that video. If you're interested in seeing what Black Friday looked like, that will be in the descriptions that you can check that out. All right.

Black Friday & Cyber Monday Review

So, looking at the last week of sales, we have Cyber Monday. We ended up doing 695 units with $3,674 in royalties. This is the best day of the holiday season so far. Then we have that expected dip and you can see that slow increase back up where we should start hitting days bigger than Black Friday very soon. If we look at last year's sales season, we have Black Friday here, Cyber Monday here, and we're about right here in the sales cycle where we start. We should start seeing close to Cyber Monday numbers and then again, slow increase. As long as we can ship products by Christmas to customers, we should continually see increases up to last year more than double for several days what Cyber Monday was.

So, if we experience that kind of trend here, we should be seeing close to 1400, 1500 units sales days, which we're crossing our fingers for. And we'll just have to see. We're going to keep doing what we can to make that happen, including being aggressive, which I have still been aggressive through this week, maybe a little more than I intended to at sometimes just with the volatility of ads. But let's take a look at that with the ad spend with the sales.

So, I have the ad spend here trying to overlay this with our daily sales to try to make this a little easier to understand. But so, we got Cyber Monday, $3600 in royalties and ad spend $2264 with a 32% ACOS. So that leaves us about $1400 in profit. And you can see here, blue line is ad spend. So, we dropped and we've started to slowly creep up again. I've been a little aggressive with the ads, probably more so than I intended again. So we're going to end up doing some optimization so you can see as the sales have increased, ad spend has also followed and there's been a bit of a trending up in ACOS as well. And again, part of that could just going to be with how aggressive you are part of this. I don't mind being so aggressive during this part of the sales season because we still have about two weeks left. And if we take a look at this here again.


The peak is we're still probably at least about a week away from hitting closer to those peak numbers. So having the aggression now and maintaining that rank, especially with my hero product, where I'm competing at very high volume, high competition keywords, it requires that you have that aggression. So, we're getting close to that where we're going to start beating hopefully Cyber Monday sales yesterday, you can see just day after day, the last couple of days where we've increased sales by about 80, 90 units on the last couple of days, still pretty early in the day. Now on Sunday, close to a week after our Cyber Monday and Black Friday weekend. And if we want to take a look at hero sales and going to pick out like Cyber Monday. Let's take a look at that.

513 units and $2600 in royalties out of the 694. And with the ad spend for that $1816 at 33% ACOS just on the hero product. So about $800 in royalties or so on Cyber Monday from that product. And if we just kind of speed through some of these and I'll just go through the ad spend and royalties from each day.

Just real quick, I'm not going to spend too much time on this. But $1545 on Tuesday with $1359 ad spend so slightly profitable. $1752 on Wednesday $956 ad spend so a little more profitable. That's about $800. And then Thursday, $1840 in royalties, $1200 ad spend. So about $600. So, you can see here just that's kind of a little up and down. It’s going to be, you just got to stay on top of your ads with that. It is very volatile. So, we're making some adjustments and trying to be on that. And it's a very fine line trying to rank the products and stay competitive with these other ones. Friday, a couple of days ago, $2300, $1400 ad spend. So, another was at seven, eight, 800, $800 or so. I'm trying to mental math here. Then yesterday second-biggest day since, no, I actually I think by Friday was higher than that. That was in the 600s. $2700 in royalties and 19, we'll call it $2000 ad spend about $700 in profit yesterday. So now, we get to today and we're going to start looking in our ads, making adjustments. I did make some manual adjustments yesterday – increasing bids on the performers, lowering bids on non-performers. That's kind of the standard operation that you would make. But today so far, we're a little in the afternoon. I should have been checking this early kind of the cadence.

I'm looking to make now is checking it kind of early in the morning, see where the spends versus the incoming royalties. What I'm seeing kind of midday and then evening and then late evening. So really checking it often this time of year is the best thing you can do. I'm making a lot of manual adjustments right now just because of how up and down things are. A lot of on-the-fly adjustments as well. And I'll kind of talk through some of my thought process with it and hopefully it makes sense, but a lot of it is just me kind of on the fly, kind of gut feelings at times as well. And we're going to be looking at very recent data from Tuesday. It’s going to be the earliest date that we have, our date range that we look at it. And we'll also be looking at today's data as well. So today, so far, we have $1035 in royalties and $816 in ad spend already.

So we're pretty close ad spend to where we are in royalties and this is higher than I would like it to be at this point. I would say at this point in the holiday season, I'd like to be closer to a 1 to 1. So, whatever my royalties or profit is, about half of that in ad spend. And as we get with over the next week, I like the kind of starts lowering that down if possible. Down to about a third or so. So whatever royalties of about a third ad spend. We'll see if that's able to happen because I still have to be competitive with my hero product. And for the hero product specifically today, so far, $852 in royalties and $675 in ad spend. So, we need to make some changes here to our bids.

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