2022 Holiday Ride Along

January 13, 2024


We're only about a week away from Black Friday, the official start of the holiday sales season, we're starting a new video series where I'll be documenting the optimization my own personal and account, the 2022 holiday right along you'll see how I adjust my bids targeting and budget how and why I'm setting up my campaigns and the tools and strategies I'm using to get the most out of my advertising budget and outsell my competition.

Over the next month we'll be focusing on one of my hero products and Amazon merch on demand t shirt that sold 10,000 units, generating $50,000 in royalties between Black Friday and December 31. Last year, we'll be attempting to replicate that success this year with aggressive ad spend and campaign strategies.

We'll also look at how I'm managing and optimizing ads for all my other products including lottery campaigns, and documenting the results as we go so make sure to subscribe and enable notifications to stay in the loop as each video drops.

The first video of the series is available now a review of last holidays, sales and ad results my best selling product of all time. You can find that video linked in the description. Here's looking forward to another great holiday season and happy selling

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