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Promotions may be one of Merch Jar’s most powerful features for increasing sales and driving down the ACoS on your product. Promotions automate the process of keyword graduation, allowing you to more precisely control the bids of your top performing search terms, automatically remove poor performing search terms, and continue looking for new search terms all at the same time!
Keyword Promotion Benefits
What is keyword isolation?
Keyword isolation, also known as search term isolation or keyword graduation, is a broad term. In simple terms, it is the process in which you can prune poor performing search terms from your campaigns and promote your best performing search terms to receive a higher share of your budget.
This generally involves looking at search terms and either:
  • isolating them to exact match keywords if they have been performing well
  • or negating them if they have not been performing well
The underlying goal here is to trim away the search terms that do not convert for you, while giving your converting search terms higher bids and budgets, while also still ensuring that you are keeping your auto and broad match advertising running in order to find new search terms that may convert well.
Promotions strikes the ideal balance between exploratory keyword research and profit maximization, ultimately helping you to achieve a lower ACoS and higher sales.
Fully Configurable
Made for your Campaign Structure
No matter how you structure your campaigns, Promotions allows you start reaping the rewards of keyword isolation today. With the deeply configurable options in Promotions, you can set up your promotion strategies exactly as you need.
Whether you want to promote a keyword when it has 2 orders and an ACoS < 20% over the last 30 days, more than 1 order over it's lifetime, more than 50 clicks in the last 90 days, or any other combination - the choice is yours with Promotions fully customizable promotion rules.
Deep Insight
Full Featured Logs
Know exactly which keywords were promoted or negated, why, and when with Promotions's detailed logs. Filter by date or a specific campaign or ad group to get deep insight to the optimizations happening on your account.

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